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Oh Yes I’m Trying This!

A Stiletto Workout that I will be trying? Yes please!



Balance and Flexibility

Ideally I’d know how to do the splits. But sadly I don’t. Being flexible is part of good all-round health, and while doing a split isn’t at all mandatory, it definitely would be a cool skill to have.

So I found some links online, with tips on how to stretch for the splits. I selected these two because they seem to have the right kind of information. Safe, reassuring and accurate.

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I’m Training for a 5K

My goal is really to run the entire race. I’ve only just started, but I’m actually quite optimistic. I was inspired by my performance in the Clico 5k earlier this year. Considering I’d only slept for just over an hour because I’d attended a Tribe Fete, I did well. By well I mean, I ran a bit (more than I’d expected too and didn’t die). The UTC 5k is in mid-May so I have time.

My training plan is very simple: to build up my running time every week. Right now I’m trying to run three times a week, do pilates twice and swim once a week. I’m hoping to start swimming this week, possibly at the La Joya pool. I learned from my failed triathlon attempt, that cross training helps prevent you from getting injured. The different activities build up different muscle groups so no one area of your body is overworked.

It should be fun.

What I’m Thinking…

tabouliFood wise anyway. I’m hoping to get to the market tomorrow morning to do some shopping, so I can really put my new eating plan in place. I’m really into trying some new salad ideas; not as entrees though, I prefer them as starters or sides.

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Whoopie Pies

Ok I’d never heard of these before, but they sound great!  Whoopie pies are a traditional Amish dessert. They look huge, fattening and yummy. Yep, I’m making this during my week home from work. Here’s the recipe.

Thank God for tag surfer or  I would have missed out on this recipe.

Decision Making Time People

Carnival is offcially one month away. Time to get serious. Your salary for January should be in the bank, so pick  a costume and secure your place in de section.spangled-cotinga-frontline

What you say? All bands are sold out. Yes, but if you want in you can still find a spot. You could try Sando Carnival and party on the hill for a change, aim for a smaller band or try  some Ole Mas. Sailor Mas might be an interesting change.

If that won’t do, then don’t worry my Bikini and Beads faithful, there’s still lots of hope for you. I give you:


I mean I’m not playing, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be. I mean, it is the Greatest Show on Earth!

Gimme De Weed

My family has a history of Alzheimers, so I always have an ear out for new developments. My maternal Grandmother spend her last years living with us and she suffered with it. So did we to be honest, it’s a difficult disease to live with, for all involved.

So when I read this I was stoked. Apparently, despite what it can do for your short-term memory, there’s a compound in marijuana that prevents Alzheimers.

If true that’s great news. If true once I’ve obtained my PhD, once I reach 50 ah go start smoking weed. Doh mind I doh smoke at all, ah go learn.