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Songs About Guys Who Are Sprung

I really love Drakes song – You’re the Best. It’s nice to hear a rap song about fidelity and commitment, however it’s couched. I then because men aren’t really encouraged to show emotion, and according to the media, they’re supposed to treat romantic entanglements as a search for more sex.  When an artist goes against the grain, or laughs at the status-quo, the result is often, funny, catchy and relatable.

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Soca Awards

The International Soca Awards will take place on the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos on October 30th.  The awards  were started in 2003 by Colin Jackman as a way to recognise the work of our hard-working soca artists.

Well the list of nominees is out: To be eligible your song should have been released between June 1st 2008 to May 31st 2009.

I wasn’t too pleased with some of the selections, but that’s always the case with me and awards. Some of the usual suspects were there, and some weren’t.

So in a moment of idleness I decided to put up my picks for who should win. In other words here’s the list of my favourites in each category:

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Skittle Nails

I used to be a nail polish fiend. But that was when I was in primary school and had just discovered that when I don’t bite them down to the quick, my nails grow fast and long. They also get too hard to bite easily. In other words discovering nail polish helped me discover that I had nice nails naturally.

I decided early that traditional nail colours were cool, but funky colours were better. Hence the reds, greens, purples and yellows. I was never into black because of it’s link to the occult. That has since changed, now everyone wears black nail polish. At the time though I used Revlon’s Vixen nail polish: a colour I genuinely loved.  It was (as you can seen in the link)  a really dark burgundy.

I remember wanting to paint my nails in Rasta colours. I refused to rest until I found the perfect green and yellow shades to complete the look.

But my love was short-lived, school started and I had to stop wearing my nail polish. Also, it’s difficult for me to apply neatly, and the waiting for it to dry is a pain. Every now and then I buy some colours. Even if I don’t paint my finger nails, my toes will be done.

Since I’m on vacation, I bought come cheepie nail polish from the icing and painted each nail in a different colour. This time the practise has a name, it’s called Skittling, like the rainbow coloured candies I used to love. I was younger it had no such name other than playing with nail polish, but whatever.

Here’s a peek at my efforts.

The pictures don’t show the horrible streaking on my nails. And oddly enough it looks OK in the sunlight. But seriously, buy quality nail polish. You get better coverage, truer colour application and the formulations are much safer. It’s still on my nails as I type this, but they’re coming off today.