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Ah-Dore this Ad!

I’ve never flown with BA. But this advertisement, filmed  in T&T is gorgeous. As a Trini, I approve, I approve, I approve.

The British Airways’ Caribbean Carnivals advertisement: really lovely.


Project 2010

My lovely Twitter friend GWTO messaged me a while ago with this unique preposition: to create a post for his blog about my favourite song. That’s actually difficult for me, because if you read my blog, you know that I love all types of songs, and I have lots of favourites across genres.

I had lots of songs running through my head; Aap Jaisa Koi, which I hunted down obsessively; UpTown Top Rankin, the Tight’n Up version; and Firey by Meastro, my motto for 2010.

All great options, but then reality struck. I’m in the UK for a year doing my Post-Grad degree. This means I’ll be missing Carnival for the 4th time in my life. I love mas, even if I don’t play I must watch. I love the Kings and Queens competition, going to the tents and the fetes. Missing it is going to be hard, but not as traumatic as my first time. Again my education was to blame, on Ash Wednesday I lay on my bed in Jamaica and cried.

I’ve never played J’Ouvert though I respect the tradition tremendously. However I love J’Ouvert calypso and soca because it has an earthiness that’s missing in the typical fare. Powder by Machel, Blue by 3 Canal, and Benjai’s Tanty are my favourites in this genre (that La Douma riddim is pres-SHA!).

But I’m a sentimental fool, so I had to select the song that introduced me to this genre. When it came out, I was in Montessori (Happy Vale in Diego). We were playing sweeties in the school Carnival, my mother made this horrible brown jumper with red ruffles because I was supposed to be a toffee. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling that portrayal, or maybe I was bewitched by Penguin because I told anyone who asked that I was “De devil dey!” True story.

Nuff said,  please enjoy my selection.

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Fiery Redux

Last year I wrote about the kaiso “Fiery” orginially by Maestro, remade by Bunji. Well my friend RemBunction posted this Mash-up on YouTube, oh Lord I love it.

So for your musical enjoyment.

PS: This is my motto for 2010, “Fiery, that is how I coming…”

George Bailey:De Man, De Mas

I wanted to share with you, some of the reasons why name of the 1st Prize in the Large Band Category in the Parade of the Bands Competition is named after him. George Bailey was a brilliant designer, who was a stickler for detail. Dr. Eric Williams reportedly told school children if they wanted to know about Egypt they should look at Bailey’s Mas.

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Careful Faye-Ann

This has been a great year for Faye-Ann Lyons. Now comes news that after a hectic but successful Carnival she’s in hospital suffering from some complications with her pregnancy.  I wish Super mommy all the best.

When “Meet Super Blue” first came out I loved it instantly. Like the rest of T&T, I thought of how great her performance would be if she brought her father out to perform with her. She brought him out for the first time during Army Fete and people cried. Well she did it again for Soca Monarch and the rest is history.

The  whole of Trinidad knows about Super Blue’s problem with drugs. So any opportunity for this man to return to past glories is welcomed. I think his daughter’s song struck a chord with us. We citizens of a land not known for honouring our greats until it’s too late.

So to our young Soca Queen, “Thank you”. To those of you who don’t know Austin Lyons, meet Super Blue.

Update: Mr.  & Mrs. Alverez welcomed their bouncing baby girl this evening. My congrats to them both.

Penis Rulers?

Apparently Durex was giving out penis rulers at parties during Carnival. What parties though, none that I went to.


Over at Jezebel the ethnic chart is fueling debate. I just think the entire thing is just so silly.

The Merry Monarch Reigns

moko-jumbieWell, it’s begun; Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2K-Wine. Dimanche Gras into J’Ouvert, into Pretty Mas we going until Ash Wednesday. The battle for the Road March begins now! To listen to some of the Contenders click here (you need an imeem account). Number 3 on the playlist has my vote!