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Happy Christmas!

I’m spending my first Christmas in foreign. I don’t have anything special planned, just lunch with a friend, but I am grateful for all of my blessings. As I type this I’m playing the Daisy Voisin video I embedded in my first Christmas post on my blog.

Since her voice is never boring, it’s only fair for me to find another for you.

Not much of a video, but the song…

Here in the UK, they say Happy Christmas.


Went to Church Yesterday…

Remember how in my About page I said I was a lapsing Catholic, I wasn’t kidding. Yesterday was the first time I made it to Sunday Mass since I started this blog. Though I made it to First Friday Mass to start my August off right. The Service was lovely but I digress.

It’s always a little spooky when the Spirit in the Mass is revealed. You know what I mean, you’re sitting there and Father says something directly too you. That happened to me on Sunday. It wasn’t the biggest deal, I guess because I try not to get too emotional, but I felt it.

Yesterday was the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time, and the Gospel Reading was taken from Matthew 14: 22-33. That’s when Jesus walked on the water during the storm to meet the disciples.

That part that spoke to me was when Peter asked the Lord to let him walk out on the water to meet him. But when Peter reached on the water, he heard the wind and started to doubt and then started to sink. He called out to the Lord to save him; which he did, but he also scolded Peter for doubting him.

I do that! I doubt, I worry and don’t like when things don’t go according to my plan. Then in my desperate fear, I pray to the Lord to help me understand, yet beg him for my own way.

Sunday’s Gospel reading also held a special significance in my heart because a co-worker told me that same thing this week. I was telling her, I’m the kind of person who sees the forest, not the trees. I can eventually, but it takes a lot out of me. I have to work at it. She said the best piece of advice she ever got was from her boss, during her exit interview when she was fired. He told her that she was a coward, because if she really wanted her dream job, she would have it. And he was right.

Granted I got into my dream masters at my dream university. It’s really expensive with the conversion and everything. But my mother says she’ll stand the loan, and while it doesn’t solve all of my finance issues I’ll move in faith and work towards going. People keep saying, “Don’t worry, money will come.” I never really believe them, but I’ll try for once.

For once I’ll walk on the water to God, without worrying about the wind.

Of the Seven Deadly Sins: Avarice

Avarice is one of the 7 Deadly Sins! It’s one I’m especially guilty of; I am a confirmed Want Monster! I see something that tickles my fancy, and I want it more than anything. I’ll search for it online, dream about it and contrive to get it. Yet when I get it, very often it loses its appeal and I have no idea why.

OK maybe saying I’m guilty of avarice is an exaggeration, but I am a slave to material things. I kind of buy into the: I need it, I want it now, kind of BS. I could blame magazines and TV, but plenty people use media and don’t have a problem with wanting and spending. But then again, plenty do.

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Faith, Hope and Charity.

I believe in volunteering. I believe it’s the right thing to do.  I also believe it is a difficult thing to do. Often it requires working hard for no pay, for people who won’t appreciate your efforts, but I still believe in volunteering. Read the rest of this entry »

What Kind of Catholic Are You?

Ha, it seems I can’t resist the Beliefnet quizzes. I just took another one; “What Kind of Catholic Are You?”. I scored a 76 out of 100 so I’m a, “daily Rosary (traditional) Catholic’. I guess therre’s some truth to the assessment, considering I’m very irregular with my Church-going, taking-communion, going-to-confession activities. But I am an idealist, and I love traditions grounded in history, so at the core, that’s the kind of religion I’m drawn to. Anyhoo, you can take the test here. Have fun.

Celebrity Death

The new Batman movie is set for release, and it’s reignited the discussion about Heath Ledger‘s untimely death. It also got me wondering, how are you supposed to deal with celebrity deaths? You don’t know them, they aren’t your friends, yet you can become so invested in their death, and to be honest their entire life. I mean; if you’ve spending your time on the Internet reading gossip websites, you prefer celebrity magazines and Extra! is your idea of news, then I can’t be surprised if a celebrity’s untimely passing throws you for a loop. Read the rest of this entry »

What Faith Are You? is a blog on religion and spiritual issues that I love. I found this really great quiz that tests what you believe. I tested 100% Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic. What did you  test? You can do the test here.