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3 Books in January

Ok I read 3 books so far. In order of ingestion they were: Love In a Time of Cholera, Fahrenheit 451, and Sister Sister.

I started Henry James Portrait of a Lady, but got sidetracked having to spend more than an hour waiting for my hairdresser to attend to my crowning glory. In other words I went Ishmel and Khans and Sons, bought Eric Jerome Dickey’s Sister Sister and didn’t put it down until it was done, give or take, sleep, food and work commitments.

Now I’m free to return to my darling Henry. I’m one book short, but I think I still did well.


Decision Making Time People

Carnival is offcially one month away. Time to get serious. Your salary for January should be in the bank, so pick  a costume and secure your place in de section.spangled-cotinga-frontline

What you say? All bands are sold out. Yes, but if you want in you can still find a spot. You could try Sando Carnival and party on the hill for a change, aim for a smaller band or try  some Ole Mas. Sailor Mas might be an interesting change.

If that won’t do, then don’t worry my Bikini and Beads faithful, there’s still lots of hope for you. I give you:


I mean I’m not playing, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be. I mean, it is the Greatest Show on Earth!

Change Confirmed

I cry easily, but I’m very good at hiding my tears. Yesterday, if I was home watching the television by myself, I would have cried.

I tried not to get too invested in the US Elections, because I’m not an American. I also don’t want to put this man on a pedestal he can’t climb off, because he’s just a man, but I can’t escape that it’s a big deal.

I looked at the ceremony, and while the shouts of, “Obama, obama” made me cringe, I couldn’t keep from repeating these word in my head:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all man are created equal..”

And this cartoon held a special place of residence in my heart yesterday. It’s by Washington Post Cartooniest Tom Toles.

Again congrats America, I think you made the right choice.

50 Books in 2009: January Update

Ok I finished “Love in a Time of Cholera,” liked it.

And Fahrenheit 451, liked it a little less, but valued it a little more.

Now I’m making my way through “Portrait of a Lady”  by Henry James, which should be good.

Stay tuned for my reviews of the books I read.

Gimme De Weed

My family has a history of Alzheimers, so I always have an ear out for new developments. My maternal Grandmother spend her last years living with us and she suffered with it. So did we to be honest, it’s a difficult disease to live with, for all involved.

So when I read this I was stoked. Apparently, despite what it can do for your short-term memory, there’s a compound in marijuana that prevents Alzheimers.

If true that’s great news. If true once I’ve obtained my PhD, once I reach 50 ah go start smoking weed. Doh mind I doh smoke at all, ah go learn.

Firey! Dis is How We Coming, Firey

I love Firey by Maastro. Bunji introduced me to it, last year and I loved it. Here’s the original and the remake, enjoy:


And take the time to scroll through Maetro’s playlist. I really like “Tantie” and “Bionic Man”.

May the Good Lord Bless and Keep Her Always

salandy_beltsI’ve spoken about celebrity death, and how we (the public) relate to it before. But every experience is always unique. By the time I actually got out of bed this morning, 21-year old Jizelle Salandy was dead.

Jizelle was a female boxer, and a rising sport star in Trinidad and Tobago who won most of her fights. People have criticised her management, especially promoter Buxo Potts, for selecting less than honourable matches for his pugilistic phenom. But the fact remains, she was a good fighter who had received several national and sporting awards for her achievement.

But no more, Jizelle died in an early morning accident on the Beethem Highway. Another victim of our notoriously violent roadways. Jizelle’s death comes after another one of our star athletes was in a serious accident at the start of this year. Fortunately the “Torpedo” and his companion survived. But both incident serve to remind us of the dangers on our roadways, and the cost to us as a people.

The two most famous road fatalities in recent history are D.J. Lalo and Onika Bostic. They’ve been accompanied by hundreds as a the years go by, and by the thousands who proceeded them. Including the man who wrote the original version of Firey; the tune Bunji used to become the 2008 Soca Monarch.

But famous or no, the experts say most accidents are preventable. Most are caused by human error.

I don’t profess to be the best driver. After a friend of mine lost her cousin in a horrible accident a few years ago on a Good Friday morning, I’ve since resolved to try and take greater care when driving. I’ve also started saying a prayer every time I get behind the wheel, because I want to remind myself of that promise, and I need God’s help to keep it.

Please be careful on the roads.