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What to Wear for Work

I need to do up some job applications today. Since I haven’t worked in a while I need to look at my wardrobe. Sometimes my fantasy and my reality are so far apart. What I want to wear I can’t afford or fit into to. Other times I can make do with something very similar.

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High Heel Health

I love high heels, but those suckers are really hard to love. There’s no question that their look good on and off, but they hurt like the dickens.

I usually save my really high heels for events where I won’t be standing a lot. Obviously I’ll be driving there, so I don’t have to worry about public transport. If I haven’t worn heels in a while I would practice by wearing them around the house in the days leading up to the event. Oh and some Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts are a necessity.

I watched the show The Doctors this week and I’m so on-board with this. Here I go with balance training and ab workouts.

I’ll be looking into this whole Catwalk Confidence thing. It might be an investment.