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To a Brand New Year

No matter what you’re doing Old Year’s Night, I want to wish you all the best for 2010 and beyond. If 2009, sucked obviously 2010 will rock.

As you well know, next year I plan to come firey, so consider yourself warned. Whatever your plans are, here’s hoping they work out for the best.



Fiery Redux

Last year I wrote about the kaiso “Fiery” orginially by Maestro, remade by Bunji. Well my friend RemBunction posted this Mash-up on YouTube, oh Lord I love it.

So for your musical enjoyment.

PS: This is my motto for 2010, “Fiery, that is how I coming…”

Happy Christmas!

I’m spending my first Christmas in foreign. I don’t have anything special planned, just lunch with a friend, but I am grateful for all of my blessings. As I type this I’m playing the Daisy Voisin video I embedded in my first Christmas post on my blog.

Since her voice is never boring, it’s only fair for me to find another for you.

Not much of a video, but the song…

Here in the UK, they say Happy Christmas.

Do You Hear What I Hear

This one of my favourite Christmas songs. O Holy Night is my all time favourite, but Whitney Houston’s version of this song has rocketed to 2nd place in my heart. If I listen to it intently I will cry.

So in the spirit of the season, I found this video of her performing it on Jay Leno. Enjoy.

Merry Christmas

Save Your Skin

Someone needs to warn West Indian women about winter weather. It plays havoc on your skin. One day you have soft skin,  but a few hours here could have you looking like a brown lizard. I was buying cream after cream, trying to save my skin. Nivea was too thick (my mother insists on the one in the tin), Cuticura was too weak, and Vaseline didn’t last long enough.

My friend recommended Astral Cream or baby oil (for the stripper look). I, however, think I paying too much for a degree to adopt Stripper-wear, went for the former, thank goodness. I can’t vouch for it when the weather gets warmer. I’ve heard that January/ February are brutally cold, but I think that I’m prepared.