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Change Confirmed

I cry easily, but I’m very good at hiding my tears. Yesterday, if I was home watching the television by myself, I would have cried.

I tried not to get too invested in the US Elections, because I’m not an American. I also don’t want to put this man on a pedestal he can’t climb off, because he’s just a man, but I can’t escape that it’s a big deal.

I looked at the ceremony, and while the shouts of, “Obama, obama” made me cringe, I couldn’t keep from repeating these word in my head:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all man are created equal..”

And this¬†cartoon held a special place of residence in my heart yesterday. It’s by Washington Post Cartooniest Tom Toles.

Again congrats America, I think you made the right choice.


Yes You Did!

America congratulations. You’ve proven that you can see past colour to get to the message. You’ve proven that you understand what matters and what doesn’t, well done.

But remember; he wuk now start, and it go be rough. Your troops are fighting a losing battle in Iraq, and the economy is in a mess. Right now is a kind of sucky time to be president. I just hope that you give him the chance to do what he needs to do. But more importantly I really hope he can be the change you, and the rest of us, need right now.

Last night DL Hughley and Rev. AL Sharpton discussed the implications of an Obama presidency on America and the rest of the world. It was a great disussion, watch and discuss.