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Life in London

I’ve been in this country since the 9th of October, so I’ve already completed one month and I can’t complain one bit.

School has been hectic, but not hard, and so far I haven’t been wasting my mother’s money. In fact if you’d looked at this morning’s tweets you’ll already know that I got a merit (just under distinction) for my first essay. I’m quite proud of myself. The plan now is to keep up the high standard.

As for my blogging, well my camera is playing the ass and I am still unemployed. Working on both of those senarios at the moment, I’m job hunting like crazy, and when I get a job then I can buy a new camera.

My laptop,  a story I’d rather not rehash (check my tweets;synopsis: Amazon UK sucks), I’ll be getting from Dell next week. Then I’ll apply for internet with Virgin Media. But the library has been saving my ass with connecting to the fam and keeping up with research.

Anyways, I’ve got to go.


What’s Up?

OK I been slacking and I apologise. But it’s been a hectic week at work. But I’ve been hitting the Twitter pretty hard. So follow me, for a little dose of what I’m doing when I’m not blogging. And if following is way too much commitment (ha). Just stop by my blog and check out my twitter feed.

But I’ve started a lovely 4 day weekend, so expect a new post soon. But now I’ve got to go and do my hair.

Living In a Fast Car

These days once it rains in sweet T&T, it’s flooding. Constant rains create overly saturated grounds, and with it landslips, collapsing homes and highways, mud everywhere and death. Which all amounts to a frustrating reality for residents.

So any car I buying ( if I was in the market for a car) would be a Sport Utility Vehicle. With all my eco-friendly ambitions, reality suggests a sedan just ent go cut it in Trinidad no more. I want a REAL SUV, with manual transmission and 4-wheel drive to boot.

So I was having a “what if” conversation with my disrespectful brother this weekend, and asked what kind of vehicle he’d suggest for me. The first thing he did was veto, my dreams of balancing a clutch. According to him, I (who is licensed to drive a car with manual transmission) am not a “real” driver and should stick to automatic.

Secondly, he said, since I’m not a car person, translation: don’t know or give a shit ’bout them, should buy a vehicle local mechanics are familiar with. In other words, forget about the European cars.

So what does my rude brother recommend?

Well yes, “pull up to my bumper babay.”

Crime and Punishment

We’re trapped in a vicious cycle of crime and violence in T&T. Is seems the police can’t manage the crime situation. Fortunately it seems to be concentrated in specific areas, and within specific groups. But the truth is that’s hallow comfort, because people are still being killed, and the security forces don’t seem to have a clue as to how to arrest the spiral.

Jail in Trinidad & Tobago has been described as a university for criminals. You get arrested for petty theft, you spend some time in jail and come out knowing how to commit fraud. You get arrested for fraud and get schooled in T&T’s drug trade, and so on and so on. Jail is a punishment yes, but shouldn’t we use that opportunity to help those people whose lives made getting the help they needed difficult? The ones whose histories led them to lives that include time in jail?

It’s not surprising that a search of the Golden Grove Prison could reveal all kinds of weapons and drugs. As for the prison officers; when they not threatening your life, they encouraging criminal behaviour.

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Merry Christmas!!!

It’s my favourite time of the year. No snowmen or sleigh rides for me. To me Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the Christ child, family, charity, parang, carols, sorrel, ham, pastelles and presents! I know this may be early for some, but if there are 100 days of Christmas, I’m actually a little late. So Merry Christmas people, God bless and good night.

What A Week!

Well, it’s been quite a week. Madonna drop-kicked Guy; poor Guy. The cutie from Desperate Housewives, who I liked since he was on Queer As Folk, got into a terrible accident. But good news, his prognosis is good! T&T’s national football team gave the United States a solid cutass 🙂 And I, in a fit of madness, signed my unfit ass up for triathlon training. Sigh. It’s a for a worthy cause, really! So I’ll need support and prayers.

So you see it’s been quite a week.

Reading Romance

I used to really love romance novels when I was younger. They were so adult, so sexy, so fun. I’d eat them up in minutes and return for seconds.

We had a book club in school. We’d source the books from our mothers’ shelves and plead with the borrower not to damage or lose them, since we’re not supposed to be reading those kind of books anyway. Lets be honest, some of them are practically soft porn. Sidney Sheldon, hello!

My romance novel introduction started with the  the Sweet Valley Highs and Sweet Dreams. They were the best. Not at all filthy, just innocent cutesy teenage romance issues.

Or so I thought. Apparently they had all sorts of horrible sub-plots. I don’t even remember what they were about, but I don’t doubt it at all.

Then I got into Mills and Boon. They were a little more adult, a little naughty. You’d get in trouble for these, at least you would in my household. Though I honestly can’t imagine why, other than they rot your brain. The love I had for these books was fleeting. The formula was obvious, especially in the books from the 60s, 70s and early 80s.

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