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Balance and Flexibility

Ideally I’d know how to do the splits. But sadly I don’t. Being flexible is part of good all-round health, and while doing a split isn’t at all mandatory, it definitely would be a cool skill to have.

So I found some links online, with tips on how to stretch for the splits. I selected these two because they seem to have the right kind of information. Safe, reassuring and accurate.

The first is a video by SippyDip on YouTube. She’s a young girl who gives such clear and concise advice, I decided to save the video to my bookmarks, and share the link with you.

The second is this slide-show series, obviously from a ballet company. The young girl modeling the poses is insanely flexible. Which at her age is understandable. But the info is so matter of fact and honest that I’ll be following their advice.

Balance is also an important part of good all round heath. I am very clumsy. I’m also very hyper so I can’t stay still enough to balance on one foot etc. While these seem to advice for the elderly, the info is really so beneficial. And balance training is good for the core. I found these beginner balance exercises, and this more advance set.

And of course there is Pilates. I was introduced using Brooke Silars’ books and CDs; I prefer the books. I think her use of imagery is excellent, and keeps you in tune with your own body.


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