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Careful Faye-Ann

This has been a great year for Faye-Ann Lyons. Now comes news that after a hectic but successful Carnival she’s in hospital suffering from some complications with her pregnancy.  I wish Super mommy all the best.

When “Meet Super Blue” first came out I loved it instantly. Like the rest of T&T, I thought of how great her performance would be if she brought her father out to perform with her. She brought him out for the first time during Army Fete and people cried. Well she did it again for Soca Monarch and the rest is history.

The  whole of Trinidad knows about Super Blue’s problem with drugs. So any opportunity for this man to return to past glories is welcomed. I think his daughter’s song struck a chord with us. We citizens of a land not known for honouring our greats until it’s too late.

So to our young Soca Queen, “Thank you”. To those of you who don’t know Austin Lyons, meet Super Blue.

Update: Mr.  & Mrs. Alverez welcomed their bouncing baby girl this evening. My congrats to them both.


Penis Rulers?

Apparently Durex was giving out penis rulers at parties during Carnival. What parties though, none that I went to.


Over at Jezebel the ethnic chart is fueling debate. I just think the entire thing is just so silly.


OMG! I love this song. It’s an absolute best!

For those of you who don’t know, the genre is called chutney and it’s gaining in prominence. The other massive chutney hit is Jep Sting Naina (it wotless too bad).

Back to Kenneth Salick. This is a love letter to the wife he horn 16 years ago. He make a chile wit de outside woman; dat chile is 16 years old, but asking Radica why she leave and go.

The song was so popular on the roads today. I hear all kind of version, especially on pan. I hope you love it too.

The Merry Monarch Reigns

moko-jumbieWell, it’s begun; Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2K-Wine. Dimanche Gras into J’Ouvert, into Pretty Mas we going until Ash Wednesday. The battle for the Road March begins now! To listen to some of the Contenders click here (you need an imeem account). Number 3 on the playlist has my vote!

J’Ouvert Morning


Originally uploaded by Rainer Soegtrop

The opening, the beginning of the mas.

Super Monarch

Super soca queen Faye-Ann did it! She owned the 2009 Soca Monarch competition last night by capturing every category; Power, Groovy and People’s Choice. Well done my dear, you deserved it.


Oh Lord my computer has been acting up. Work has been stressful and it’s Carnival. So I apologise for not posting regularly, but I should be back on track soon.

Love yuh!