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Project 2010

My lovely Twitter friend GWTO messaged me a while ago with this unique preposition: to create a post for his blog about my favourite song. That’s actually difficult for me, because if you read my blog, you know that I love all types of songs, and I have lots of favourites across genres.

I had lots of songs running through my head; Aap Jaisa Koi, which I hunted down obsessively; UpTown Top Rankin, the Tight’n Up version; and Firey by Meastro, my motto for 2010.

All great options, but then reality struck. I’m in the UK for a year doing my Post-Grad degree. This means I’ll be missing Carnival for the 4th time in my life. I love mas, even if I don’t play I must watch. I love the Kings and Queens competition, going to the tents and the fetes. Missing it is going to be hard, but not as traumatic as my first time. Again my education was to blame, on Ash Wednesday I lay on my bed in Jamaica and cried.

I’ve never played J’Ouvert though I respect the tradition tremendously. However I love J’Ouvert calypso and soca because it has an earthiness that’s missing in the typical fare. Powder by Machel, Blue by 3 Canal, and Benjai’s Tanty are my favourites in this genre (that La Douma riddim is pres-SHA!).

But I’m a sentimental fool, so I had to select the song that introduced me to this genre. When it came out, I was in Montessori (Happy Vale in Diego). We were playing sweeties in the school Carnival, my mother made this horrible brown jumper with red ruffles because I was supposed to be a toffee. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling that portrayal, or maybe I was bewitched by Penguin because I told anyone who asked that I was “De devil dey!” True story.

Nuff said,  please enjoy my selection.

NB: This post first appeared on the blog:



OMG! I love this song. It’s an absolute best!

For those of you who don’t know, the genre is called chutney and it’s gaining in prominence. The other massive chutney hit is Jep Sting Naina (it wotless too bad).

Back to Kenneth Salick. This is a love letter to the wife he horn 16 years ago. He make a chile wit de outside woman; dat chile is 16 years old, but asking Radica why she leave and go.

The song was so popular on the roads today. I hear all kind of version, especially on pan. I hope you love it too.

Firey! Dis is How We Coming, Firey

I love Firey by Maastro. Bunji introduced me to it, last year and I loved it. Here’s the original and the remake, enjoy:


And take the time to scroll through Maetro’s playlist. I really like “Tantie” and “Bionic Man”.

Merry, merry Christmas All Yuh!

I’ve been kinda grinchy these few days, buh sey wha, it’s Christmas. So merry Christmas all yuh! I wish yuh love, happiness and God’s richest blessings.

In Trinidad and Tobago our Christmas music is parang. We have a queen, and her name is Daisy Voisin. Daisy left us some time ago, but her voice lives on.

I selected the above video because I wanted you to see what she looks like. Below is the link to my  favourite Daisy song:

Daisy Voisin – Alegria, alegria

Aap Jaisa Koi…

Is the title of my favourite Bollywood movie song. To me this is the quintessential Bollywood movie song, if only because it reminds me of my childhood. The lyrics are in Hindi, but I found a translation here.

Aren’t they sweet?  Try and sing along with the original.

The song is from the 1980 film Qurbani, it won the Best Playback Singer (Female)  in the Filmfare Awards in 1981.

Sadly, the singer Nazia Hassan died in 2000 of lung cancer, she was only 35.

That same year Soca Star Machel Montano released his album 2000 Too Young to Soca, a re-birth of sorts. The album featured a re-make of the song that introduced us to the genius that is Machel Montano. It also featured a re-make of Aap Jaisa Koi called Real Unity with Soca-Chutney artiste Drupatee Ramgoonai. It’s one of my favourites from Mr. Montano, and you can listen to it here.

I hope you enjoy them both.

I’m A Soooca Warrior!!!

I’m not going to front, I support my team in football, cricket, whatever, but I can’t always just watch the match. It really stresses me out, I get emotional and it’s absolute torture, so I avoid it. So I had no intention of going to the game, but I did send the boys my good luck vibes.

Instead I went to MovieTowne to see the french film Les Temoins, translation: The Witnesses (quite good). The car-park was full, because people clearly opted to park there rather than risk them on the side of the road. In fact I don’t think I have ever seen so many cars in Trinidad! In fact when my evening ended and I left for home, around 9:30pm I was alone on the road for most of the drive.

Anyway those who couldn’t get into the game (it was sold out) were gathered in sport bars to watch the match. After a while the screams were just too much for me to bear, so I texted a friend for the score…happiness we ended up winning the match, 2-1. I was always a Soca Warrior, but this week I’m a really happy one.

Up Town Top Rankin

This is one of my favourite Reggae songs ever! Actually, it’s quite the guilty pleasure, especially since this is my favourite version of the song.

This is the first time I’ve seen the video. It’s horrible!!! The fashions are soo 90s…but I can’t stop listening and looking at it! Translation: it’s made my day.

Jamaican patois spoken with a strong English accent, brilliant.

But this isn’t the original. There was this update by Ali & Frazier.

And this is the orginal, it’s sung by two Jamaican English teenagers Althea and Donna. According to Wikipedia, the song’s sucess was a surprise. I can’t see how, I love it in all versions. I even found one with R&B darling Estelle, that I really like. Just a note Estelle, I’d pick a halter-back over a Gucci cap anyday.

Yes, I know those glasses are awful. Isn’t in funny that a song I associate with fashion, has such dreadful sartorial crimes in its videos? But at least they’re in khaki suits, and yuh know sey dey top rankin.