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tabouliFood wise anyway. I’m hoping to get to the market tomorrow morning to do some shopping, so I can really put my new eating plan in place. I’m really into trying some new salad ideas; not as entrees though, I prefer them as starters or sides.

  1. I love sweet peppers, and I saw a sweet pepper salad on Food Network once. Ever since then I’ve been dying to try it. Basically you get three huge sweet peppers; one green, one yellow and one red. Chop them up nice and thin, and mix them with seasoning and some kind of dressing. I would chop up some parsley really fine to add to it, a with  a little bit of onion. For dressing, olive oil may be nice, but I see my brother has some Sesame oil in the fridge so I’ll try that.
  2. Hi-Lo Supermarket sells really huge foreign celery, that I like for salad. I just chop it up and mix it with sweet canned corn, dried cranberries and mix it with a mayonnaise dressing. I want to switch to a lower fat dressing though, I just haven’t thought of a good one yet. At any rate this salad is kind of expensive, so I don’t do it often.
  3. Another expensive salad I like is plain old Romaine lettuce and tomatoes. The Romaine lettuce is what makes it expensive, again I fatten this up with cream dressing and croutons. The cheaper version would be to use local lettuce, use salt and black pepper instead of dressing and eliminate the croutons.
  4. Tabouli is my new favourite salad. It’s Arabian and it features parsley, which I love. The ratio of parsley to tomato is about two to one, with one cup of parsley per person as the recommended serving size. You also need Bulgar wheat (not sure how available that is here, I’ll have to check) lime juice, and olive oil. You mix everything up and enjoy. You can see this video here, I’m not sure about the mint part, but hey don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

I haven’t really thought out my menu for Sunday, but I want to do something nice. I’m thinking on a modern twist on traditional Sunday lunch, or an American version for a change. We’ll see.


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