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Life in London

I’ve been in this country since the 9th of October, so I’ve already completed one month and I can’t complain one bit.

School has been hectic, but not hard, and so far I haven’t been wasting my mother’s money. In fact if you’d looked at this morning’s tweets you’ll already know that I got a merit (just under distinction) for my first essay. I’m quite proud of myself. The plan now is to keep up the high standard.

As for my blogging, well my camera is playing the ass and I am still unemployed. Working on both of those senarios at the moment, I’m job hunting like crazy, and when I get a job then I can buy a new camera.

My laptop,  a story I’d rather not rehash (check my tweets;synopsis: Amazon UK sucks), I’ll be getting from Dell next week. Then I’ll apply for internet with Virgin Media. But the library has been saving my ass with connecting to the fam and keeping up with research.

Anyways, I’ve got to go.