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Decision Making Time People

Carnival is offcially one month away. Time to get serious. Your salary for January should be in the bank, so pick  a costume and secure your place in de section.spangled-cotinga-frontline

What you say? All bands are sold out. Yes, but if you want in you can still find a spot. You could try Sando Carnival and party on the hill for a change, aim for a smaller band or try  some Ole Mas. Sailor Mas might be an interesting change.

If that won’t do, then don’t worry my Bikini and Beads faithful, there’s still lots of hope for you. I give you:


I mean I’m not playing, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be. I mean, it is the Greatest Show on Earth!



  anonyjw wrote @

For somebody who not playing, I fine you pushin’ plenty talks!


  youcouldbelievethis wrote @

I know I’m such a punk. I may be working though, so that’s my official excuse.

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