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The Best Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is coming up and you need to get something great for your father. Socks and colognes won’t do. If you plan to get him a tie, is best you don’t bother to buy him anything at all because that’s just mean. So I’ve decided to help you out.

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No Licks!

Watched the Tyra show this evening, and she was talking to former Top Model contestants about their experiences  with abuse. It made me think.

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Crime and Punishment

We’re trapped in a vicious cycle of crime and violence in T&T. Is seems the police can’t manage the crime situation. Fortunately it seems to be concentrated in specific areas, and within specific groups. But the truth is that’s hallow comfort, because people are still being killed, and the security forces don’t seem to have a clue as to how to arrest the spiral.

Jail in Trinidad & Tobago has been described as a university for criminals. You get arrested for petty theft, you spend some time in jail and come out knowing how to commit fraud. You get arrested for fraud and get schooled in T&T’s drug trade, and so on and so on. Jail is a punishment yes, but shouldn’t we use that opportunity to help those people whose lives made getting the help they needed difficult? The ones whose histories led them to lives that include time in jail?

It’s not surprising that a search of the Golden Grove Prison could reveal all kinds of weapons and drugs. As for the prison officers; when they not threatening your life, they encouraging criminal behaviour.

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Do Good…

I love O, The Oprah Magazine, because of articles like this one that appeared in the September 2007 issue: Why We Don’t Care About Darfur.

It examines the reasons the tragedy there seems to be ignored. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed by the ongoing crisis in Darfur. It’s a situation that should grab the public’s interest and sympathy, but it seems it hasn’t

In the Thea Singer article, psychologist Peter Slovic, PhD suggests “psychic numbing” is to blame. That the brain can’t process the scope of the violence and its effects, so it doesn’t.

The article also quotes Joseph Stalin as allegedly saying, “A single death is a tragedy: a million deaths is a statistic.” Meaning people are more moved by an individual’s pain than they are by a group’s crisis.

However Slovic says people can fight the effects of “psychic numbing” by simply being aware of the tendency. In other words, consider what kind of impact news of hundreds of deaths can have. Compare that information to examples you know personally, so that you’re inspired to act rather than suppress.

If you can find that issue of the O Magazine, that would be great. If you live in the United States and are a member of the public library, you can read the article free on-line, right here.

…To Forgive, divine.

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

I understand why Alexander Pope said that because sometimes, it’s hard to forgive, to turn the other cheek. Sometimes it’s so hard to rise above the nonsense, but you have to try.

I wonder sometimes how to process history and not become upset. How to ingest what happened during the Transatlantic Slave Trade and not feel hatred. To learn that a lot of what you were taught in primary school and high school were lies, and that even at the university level there are lies.

I had to do a history course for my degree; it was Caribbean Civilization, a foundation course. The lecturer was a distinguished history professor, who I quickly discovered was racist. Or was he? Professor C spent a lot of time in the class trying to show us how the African influence in many cultures were hidden.

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To err is human…

How are you with forgiveness? Me, not so good it seems. If I’ve learned anything from working at my current job, is that I can hold a grunge. If you hurt me, I want you punished. Now don’t get all excited. It’s not so much a public- whipping -while- I -laugh- manically sort of thing. My feelings are a result of seeing what a lack of censure can cause. Read the rest of this entry »

RBTT is the Worst!

Sigh, I am one of those lucky people whose mother, not only co-signed the student loan for my Bachelor’s degree, she helped me make the monthly payments on it, after I graduated. My parents had promised to fund our first degrees.

So she organised a standing order from her account to mine, to the sum of $1000.00 TTD a month to re-pay the loan. We paid off the loan last October, and she stopped the standing order the previous August. So both of us foolishly assumed the bank had conducted the transaction. Well, RBTT had other plans. The bank didn’t stop the standing order . And when, you ask, did my mother and I find this out? Well that answer, my dear friends, is today.

 I’m so flipping mad, I can barely see straight. So after spending some time for them to track down their mess, now it seems I have to re-pay my mother, money I:

  1. didn’t notice was going to my account ( yes, I know I shouldn’t do that, I need to closely monitor my bank statements).
  2. didn’t cater for. I’m saving for school, WTF am I to do now?
  3. emotionally don’t have, but is realistically going to have to hand over to maintain my self-respect and personal ethics.

How is this effing fair!?!