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Change Confirmed

I cry easily, but I’m very good at hiding my tears. Yesterday, if I was home watching the television by myself, I would have cried.

I tried not to get too invested in the US Elections, because I’m not an American. I also don’t want to put this man on a pedestal he can’t climb off, because he’s just a man, but I can’t escape that it’s a big deal.

I looked at the ceremony, and while the shouts of, “Obama, obama” made me cringe, I couldn’t keep from repeating these word in my head:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all man are created equal..”

And this cartoon held a special place of residence in my heart yesterday. It’s by Washington Post Cartooniest Tom Toles.

Again congrats America, I think you made the right choice.


Barbados’ Culture Minister is an Idiot!

Sigh, every now and then there’s an unpleasant reminder that the West Indies was colonised and oppressed. Every now and then, we see the remnants of that oppression in the stupid decisions we make in the region. Real foolishness like signing the EPA. Or this lovely quote from Minister Stephen Blackett, on Emancipation Day no less.

“Sometime we forget that our two major ethnic groups – Africans and British – first arrived on the same ship.”

Wait, what!!?!! Is he serious?

Very actually, because he continues, “This [Emancipation Day] must not be seen as being only for persons of African descent.”

Lord have mercy on me. But thank God, we as a region have done very well for ourselves in terms of producing high intellectual capital, and they’ve come out in their numbers to school Mr. Blackett.

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