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Internet Lackary

I don’t know how the gossip mags are making out in these times with  the stiff competition they’re getting from the blogs. I for one not spending a cent on the slackness when I can get it for free online.  It’s no secret that print is suffering, while I’ll still buy fashion magazine (despite my reservations about them) gossip mags just can’t get any play from me.

Why? Let me list my reasons for you:

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My Paper Anniversary of Blogging

I’ve just completed one year as a blogger. My first blog was called GoodFaith, but I couldn’t keep up with 2 blogs, so I cancelled it and moved those posts here.

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The Body Politic

It’s so great in the media wilderness to come across a beauty who brakes the mold.  I’ve listed a few of them. Use them as inspiration; especially when you’re having one of your feeling “Less then cute” moments.

What’s Up?

OK I been slacking and I apologise. But it’s been a hectic week at work. But I’ve been hitting the Twitter pretty hard. So follow me, for a little dose of what I’m doing when I’m not blogging. And if following is way too much commitment (ha). Just stop by my blog and check out my twitter feed.

But I’ve started a lovely 4 day weekend, so expect a new post soon. But now I’ve got to go and do my hair.

I’m Such a Twit

Sigh I’ve caved and joined the Twitter revolution. So follow me, my handle is YouCouldBelieve, for the mini-version of this blog. Sigh, between this blog, polyvore and Twitter, I’m slowly turning into a computer nerd.


hello-kitty-epson-computer-newThat’s a word my mother made-up to describe what she was doing on the computer. So instead of surfing the web, she’d say she’s “internetting”.

Anyway just wanted to share some of the best  stuff I read online this past week.

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Why Do I Still Care About Fashion?

I read a lot of great articles today while surfing the web. Most of them about fashion, but by the time I was done I was wondering: why the hell do I still care about fashion? I’m not talking about Old Navy to Banana Republic type of fashion, but the high-end couture making, $1000 shoe type of fashion. Why do I still care about it?

More and more it seems to be a bastion of irredeemable awfulness, all wrapped up in the latest designer must have.

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