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How to Get a Big Butt.

butt_1024x768¬†Apparently it is possible, which is great news for those who haven’t been blessed with a truly maximus gluteus . According to Buffy the Body, she owes hers to protein shakes. And we’ve seen how well that worked for her.

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Roast Bake

Since I’ve conquered sada roti, my next challenge will be Johnny or Roast Bake. The Naps Cookbook has a recipe, but I’m concerned about the lard requirement. I’m hoping that butter instead won’t be a major problem.

I’ll hold out for Sunday to try it

Breakfast of Champions

I made Sada this morning. I’ve been craving it whole week and today I caved. I also bought batteries for my camera so I decided to take photos of the process. For the first time I used the full recipe from the Naparima Cookbook, and it came out great.

Making sada is easy, the process is just a little messy and time consuming. But the results are so worth it. And it’s quite a filling and healthy breakfast, I don’t use any fat when cooking the roti. I use oil to cook both the tomato and bhaigan chokas, but not much.

I learned the sakaying process from the Chennette, she was commenting on TriniGourmet’s blog post on sada. It’s soo easy it’s ridiculous.

If you try it let me know how it turns out.

I’m Such a Twit

Sigh I’ve caved and joined the Twitter revolution. So follow me, my handle is YouCouldBelieve, for the mini-version of this blog. Sigh, between this blog, polyvore and Twitter, I’m slowly turning into a computer nerd.

Night Out

We used to lime more, my co-workers and I. Then we got stale. Last Friday we decided that a little Martin’s after work was the best way to end a so-so day and an iffy week. Funny how drinks and ole talk can improve the yuckiest moods. So in spirit of encouraging myself, and others to socialize more, here’s some ideas about what you could wear when liming.

If  More Vino or Zen is your thing, I like this option.

Night Out
Night Out by MsGrey featuring Miss Selfridge
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Fashion Distraction

I finally caved and created a polyvore account. As far as I’m concerned this could be a cool way to play with fashion on the cheap. It’s like dolly house for adults, and it’s way more interactive that browsing for clothes online.

Check out my first two sets.

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…Or Are They?

Here’s the thing. Apparently diamonds equate pain and lies. Most diamonds came through De Beers; which operates a cartel; essentially an operation where the various businesspartners don’t compete with each other. As such, deals to maintain control and supply in order to artificially control prices are common. And yes that’s what happened with diamonds. Apparently in the 1930s the Chairman of the De Beer’s group believed the stability of the diamond trade depended upon this level of control.

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