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What to Wear for Work

I need to do up some job applications today. Since I haven’t worked in a while I need to look at my wardrobe. Sometimes my fantasy and my reality are so far apart. What I want to wear I can’t afford or fit into to. Other times I can make do with something very similar.

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Michael Stars Cotton Slub 3/4 V-Neck Hoodie Dress

Isn’t this just the cutest casual dress ever? You must know about my weakness for hoodie dresses, and this one looks like it could flatter curvier figures, plus it’s so damn summery.  If only this brand were cheaper…Ha!

Cotton Slub 3-4 Sleeve V-Neck Hoodie - Michael Stars

The website has a cool video feature so that you can see your desired outfit in motion before you buy.

What I Want

It’s been a while, but good news, not only did I graduate with an MA, I got a merit too!

So I’ve decide to list some of the stuff I really, really want, or just find oh-so-cute. A girl can dream, and I really love mine. Here goes:

  • I should be shame, but I love silly slippers. Whatever you think about this reality star, these slippers rock! That’s right, I’m talking about Snooki Slippers. I linked to the purple ones on Twitter, but the turquoise are my favs.
  • I love hoody dresses to wear to and from the gym. So I found this cute one from Nike and this one from Adidas. I’ve love to wear them post-workout with my Adissage slippers.
  • For work, I’m loving dresses. They’re easier to wear than suits, and separates. I find they give me the professional look I’m after, plus I find them very flattering for curvy women.  love this Plutocracy Dress at lot. It’s simple, so the wearer can dress it up or down with the right accessories. The oversized flower gave the right amount of visual interest, without overpowering the design, and it’s a really versatile piece. I can easily wear this to a daytime event, or church.
  • I’ve also been loving the  work of several upcoming African and African inspired designers. People like Duro OlowuBoxing Kitten and Zed Eye. I discovered this amazing blog from a group of London-based fashionistas called: Shop Liquorice, who’ve introduced me to many of these up and comers. With reason, because their designs are amazing, and reflect a worldview many share, but rarely make the front page of the fashion mags.

Just a round up of some of  the lovely things I’ve been loving right now.

Why I Need a Job

I’m one of those girls who  dreams of fashion. I have the perfect outfit styled and accessorised to perfection in my head for various occasions. Unfortunately my budget, location etc sometimes conspire against me. Though it’s been a while I wanted to share my new fantasies with you.

First up is the Mama Ring by Peace Images. How could I not want this desperately? It’s practically calling my name.

Just a word of caution, homegirl is talented, so browsing her site could lead you into poverty. I also really love this blue agate ring, and could see me placing an order for both at the same time.

I was updating our blog listing at work and happened upon this quirky fashion site: Kingdom of Style. It wasn’t really my style, but the artistic vision was intriguing so I clicked through some links until I met the love of my life.

I like the idea of these in purple, as seen on “Samantha” in Sex in the City 2. The key would be to keep the rest of the outfit simple. admit it, aren’t these earrings just made to be worn with a rockin’ afro puff?

Sigh, I need a job.

Party Shoes

I recently returned from a trip to MIA to visit my mother. If I’ve never mentioned it before, the woman is shoe obsessed! It was during this trip that she purchased 5 pairs in one weekend, and then tried to blame me for being a bad influence. Truth is she can’t help herself, and this was simply a case of her latent shoe love flaring up.

During one of our trips we found ourselves in Ninewest; a store I love for having lovely shoes I can afford. And I met this gorgeous shoe. It’s so obviously an evening shoe that isn’t ashamed to make a statement, without being tacky. In fact I find it very elegant, and don’t know why I didn’t purchase a pair (OK I know why I didn’t but still).Fluffy

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Skittle Nails

I used to be a nail polish fiend. But that was when I was in primary school and had just discovered that when I don’t bite them down to the quick, my nails grow fast and long. They also get too hard to bite easily. In other words discovering nail polish helped me discover that I had nice nails naturally.

I decided early that traditional nail colours were cool, but funky colours were better. Hence the reds, greens, purples and yellows. I was never into black because of it’s link to the occult. That has since changed, now everyone wears black nail polish. At the time though I used Revlon’s Vixen nail polish: a colour I genuinely loved.  It was (as you can seen in the link)  a really dark burgundy.

I remember wanting to paint my nails in Rasta colours. I refused to rest until I found the perfect green and yellow shades to complete the look.

But my love was short-lived, school started and I had to stop wearing my nail polish. Also, it’s difficult for me to apply neatly, and the waiting for it to dry is a pain. Every now and then I buy some colours. Even if I don’t paint my finger nails, my toes will be done.

Since I’m on vacation, I bought come cheepie nail polish from the icing and painted each nail in a different colour. This time the practise has a name, it’s called Skittling, like the rainbow coloured candies I used to love. I was younger it had no such name other than playing with nail polish, but whatever.

Here’s a peek at my efforts.

The pictures don’t show the horrible streaking on my nails. And oddly enough it looks OK in the sunlight. But seriously, buy quality nail polish. You get better coverage, truer colour application and the formulations are much safer. It’s still on my nails as I type this, but they’re coming off today.

Fellowship of the Rings

Fashion to me should be fun. And jewelry should be special. If I had to describe my style, it would be classic with a kick. By that I mean: rings shaped like squares, matte gold jewelry, you know stuff like that. That’s why  I was so attracted to the whole concept of coloured diamonds.

Oddly enough though, I find the best jewelry comes from the smaller jeweller. The ones who are so into their designs, and create really original pieces. I know there are some standard settings, but sometimes what limits you can inspire greatness. I love the jewelers who are really artists and used metal and precious stones as their medium.

I’m not an artist myself, but I have ideas in my head for jewelry, and once the funds are there plan to “design” some pieces with a trusted jeweler. I’m very picky and custom jewelry fits my control-freak personality.

In real life I don’t wear alot. My only mandatory jewelry is my rosary ring, I always try to have a gold and a silver one so I can always wear one when I go out. I don’t wear earrings regularly, though I want to. I plan to get some studs for my ears. They’re pierced twice, and I need to keep the newer holes open. I’ve just been slack.

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