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About Goodfaith

This is my first real foray into blogging. I decided to write about my spiritual path, not because it’s inspirational or anything like that. But as a thirtysomething lapsing Catholic who loves the Church, my committment issues keep my mind occupied. I’m hoping by encouraging myself to learn and think about the real issues surrounding the church I could be more firm in my faith, and become the person I am meant to be.

i plan to add a radio blog in the near future. But that’s going to happen when I have a more stable Internet and computer situation. I’ll keep you posted.



  Went to Church Yesterday… « Goodfaith’s Weblog wrote @

[…] About Posted by: goodfaith | August 11, 2008 […]

  youcouldbelievethis wrote @

This was the About Page for my GoodFaith blog. It has since been delated

  David wrote @

If you’re still lapsing or need motivation, let me know…I’ll help you love Jesus enough to make sure you go to Mass every week…

Merry Christmas.

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