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My ‘To-Do’ List for Life

In the spirit of magazines and shows that create list of things you should do, know, accomplish by a certain age. My own tendency to create plans or verbilise my dreams etc etc I’ve decided to create a list of things I must do.

  1. A full Year of Living Pretty – I need to do the high maintenance, girly girl, immaculate appearance thing. I love fashion and make-up but I’m usually too lazy to commit. Maybe I need to jump in the deep end. I need to do a full year of being fancy.
  2. Write and submit an application to do my PhD. I have these thoughts in my head for a study. It’s obvious that there’s a lot of room for study on and about the Caribbean. Plus I really love doing research. There might be something there for me to do.
  3. Do a mini-triathlon. I started, but never finished the training for a mini-tri a few years back. Now, I feel like I need to. Besides the cross-training is really good for you. You’re less likely to hurt yourself.
  4. Learn to DJ; using vinyl. Daddy has lots of old records and I love their sound. The more we move towards digitization, everyone and their father is a DJ. Damn you Apple! 
  5. Become fluent in Spanish!
  6. Read the Bible.
  7. Read a book a week for an entire year. Otherwise known as the 50 books a year challenge.

This should be a fun ride.


Oh Yes I’m Trying This!

A Stiletto Workout that I will be trying? Yes please!


The Best Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is coming up and you need to get something great for your father. Socks and colognes won’t do. If you plan to get him a tie, is best you don’t bother to buy him anything at all because that’s just mean. So I’ve decided to help you out.

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What to Wear for Work

I need to do up some job applications today. Since I haven’t worked in a while I need to look at my wardrobe. Sometimes my fantasy and my reality are so far apart. What I want to wear I can’t afford or fit into to. Other times I can make do with something very similar.

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High Heel Health

I love high heels, but those suckers are really hard to love. There’s no question that their look good on and off, but they hurt like the dickens.

I usually save my really high heels for events where I won’t be standing a lot. Obviously I’ll be driving there, so I don’t have to worry about public transport. If I haven’t worn heels in a while I would practice by wearing them around the house in the days leading up to the event. Oh and some Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts are a necessity.

I watched the show The Doctors this week and I’m so on-board with this. Here I go with balance training and ab workouts.

I’ll be looking into this whole Catwalk Confidence thing. It might be an investment.

It wasn’t just a little bit of rain…

It rained really heavily this afternoon and that caused flooding, the likes of which I haven’t seen in some 15 odd years. Shot some video of the madness.

Michael Stars Cotton Slub 3/4 V-Neck Hoodie Dress

Isn’t this just the cutest casual dress ever? You must know about my weakness for hoodie dresses, and this one looks like it could flatter curvier figures, plus it’s so damn summery.  If only this brand were cheaper…Ha!

Cotton Slub 3-4 Sleeve V-Neck Hoodie - Michael Stars

The website has a cool video feature so that you can see your desired outfit in motion before you buy.