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Flying High

I in MIA for a bit visiting my mother before I fly off AGAIN for school in LON. I hate flying, but I know my fear isn’t rational. Plus I love traveling, so I fight through it.

I had my camera with me in flight so I decided to take some pics to share with you.

My fear isn’t paralysing, thank God, but it makes the process all the more stressful. Hope you like the pics.


Fellowship of the Rings

Fashion to me should be fun. And jewelry should be special. If I had to describe my style, it would be classic with a kick. By that I mean: rings shaped like squares, matte gold jewelry, you know stuff like that. That’s why  I was so attracted to the whole concept of coloured diamonds.

Oddly enough though, I find the best jewelry comes from the smaller jeweller. The ones who are so into their designs, and create really original pieces. I know there are some standard settings, but sometimes what limits you can inspire greatness. I love the jewelers who are really artists and used metal and precious stones as their medium.

I’m not an artist myself, but I have ideas in my head for jewelry, and once the funds are there plan to “design” some pieces with a trusted jeweler. I’m very picky and custom jewelry fits my control-freak personality.

In real life I don’t wear alot. My only mandatory jewelry is my rosary ring, I always try to have a gold and a silver one so I can always wear one when I go out. I don’t wear earrings regularly, though I want to. I plan to get some studs for my ears. They’re pierced twice, and I need to keep the newer holes open. I’ve just been slack.

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My Paper Anniversary of Blogging

I’ve just completed one year as a blogger. My first blog was called GoodFaith, but I couldn’t keep up with 2 blogs, so I cancelled it and moved those posts here.

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