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Whoopie Pies

Ok I’d never heard of these before, but they sound great!  Whoopie pies are a traditional Amish dessert. They look huge, fattening and yummy. Yep, I’m making this during my week home from work. Here’s the recipe.

Thank God for tag surfer or  I would have missed out on this recipe.


BBC Booklist or How do my Reading Habits Rate?

Of course I got this as a note on Facebook with the following instructions: the BBC believes most people will have only read 6 of the 100 books here. How do your reading habits stack up?

Well after some checking, I don’t think the BBC originated this thing at all.  Plus some of these books I have no intention of reading; hellooo Dan Brown.

But just for fun, here’s how my reading habits stack-up.

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Hello Kitty

hellokittyI should have some shame, but why deny the truth? I love Hello Kitty. She’s so damn cute, how could you not love her?

I remember working in a sucky job with too much time on my hands; and a broadband connection when many others had dial-up. I searched for and found Sanrio‘s Hello Kitty website where I could read up on the cute kitty. Naturally the best part of the website is the store. Honestly I would buy some of this stuff. I mean, how cute would my daughter  (presently childless and not expecting) look with this bib on or toddling to school with this on her back?  She’s definitely getting a stuff toy. Don’t look at me like that! She’s getting Powerpuff Girls too, so deal with it.

For me I would totally get a replacement journal, or electronic stuff. But for the fanatic, the possibilities are endless. I may not visit her town in Japan (where else?) but I’m sure someone, somewhere has outfitted their home with this stuff. I mean there’s already a Hello Kitty maternity ward. All kicks aside, I actually like the idea. Seems like a fun soothing space to give birth in.

Which brings me to this: Hello Kitty Hell. One man’s funny blog about being surrounded with this stuff because of his wife.

“If you ever see me with a smile like this on my face with that much Hello kitty crap around, you have my permission to take out any of the many Hello Kitty guns available and put me out of my misery.”

Even I could see how this could be a guy’s version of hell.

But, whatever let us have our fun. You boys get on just as silly over football, or worse: video games.

Cricket Lovely Cricket!

Went to the Twenty/20 match on Sunday. West Indies vs England, and what do you know we won! By six wickets to boot!

Windies played well from start to finish. Something that’s all too rare,  so Sunday’s match was nice. Oh and we had celebrities in the audience, the wider crowd wasn’t privy to his attendence, but Mick Jagger was here. He’s been before, in fact I think he played mas with Harts already.

Anyway I digress, here’s some shots of the fun at the Oval.

About the Rihanna/ Chris Brown Tragedy

I had no intentions of commenting about this, because it’s such a sensitive issue, and it must be done with justice. But then I found this via Jezebel (of course), and I had to share it with you.

It’s political cartoonist Kevin Moore addressing the issue with sense. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Shoe Porn

I’m one of those girls; I LOVE shoes to distraction. Which is hard in Trinidad, because it’s difficult to find styles I really like here. So I satisfy my cravings with the odd magazine and the Internet.

In that vein I present my new favourite shoe blog:

  • Shoes are art! Her honest assessments are a big draw, but more so are the reviews of this and these. Which brings me to the new love of my life.
  • Karen Miller! Her creations are amazing, they are unabashedly girlie without being weak. They let you to bring drama to your outfit in a subtle way. This is one of my favourites, and the clothes are great too.
  • Aldo is great too; you just have to toggle between the US and UK sites to strike gold. Right now I’m dreaming of the Himel in yellow.
  • I discovered Steve Madden in the time when heavy platform flip flops were in. But he’s evolved and now offers some amazing pumps. I have a version of this with a woven upper, and I love it.
  • Shoe Dish is another of my go to blogs when I need to address my fix.

A girl can’t have too much shoes.