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Swine Flu

As of Saturday, June 27 the number of Swine Flu cases in Trinidad & Tobago reached 54. Don’t worry I’m feeling fine, and hopefully you are too. So lets keep it that way. Below I’ve posted an email from the World Health Organisation with instructions  on how to protect yourself. Give it a read through, and just practise basic hygiene.

God bless.

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, the undisputed King of Pop is dead.

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Brazilian Blowdry

It  seems that protein treatments are key to getting your hair bone-straight without permanently altering the hair structure. Products like ApHogee are very popular in this regard and keratin seems to be the power house protein when it comes to relaxing the curl pattern in your hair.

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Wear the Rainbow

I’m actually coming round to the aesthetic benefits of coloured jeans. Still not convinced of their versatility or appropriateness for girls with curves, but am open to the possibilities.

This was my first try, and I quite like it!

Wear the Rainbow
Wear the Rainbow by MsGrey featuring Juicy Couture accessories

The second attempt was less successful. I was less focused on the jeans and more concerned with the colour combination.

Rasta Colours
Rasta Colours by MsGrey featuring Old Navy

The Body Politic

It’s so great in the media wilderness to come across a beauty who brakes the mold.  I’ve listed a few of them. Use them as inspiration; especially when you’re having one of your feeling “Less then cute” moments.

What’s Up?

OK I been slacking and I apologise. But it’s been a hectic week at work. But I’ve been hitting the Twitter pretty hard. So follow me, for a little dose of what I’m doing when I’m not blogging. And if following is way too much commitment (ha). Just stop by my blog and check out my twitter feed.

But I’ve started a lovely 4 day weekend, so expect a new post soon. But now I’ve got to go and do my hair.