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No Licks!

Watched the Tyra show this evening, and she was talking to former Top Model contestants about their experiences  with abuse. It made me think.

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Swine Flu

As of Saturday, June 27 the number of Swine Flu cases in Trinidad & Tobago reached 54. Don’t worry I’m feeling fine, and hopefully you are too. So lets keep it that way. Below I’ve posted an email from the World Health Organisation with instructions¬† on how to protect yourself. Give it a read through, and just practise basic hygiene.

God bless.

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How to Get a Big Butt.

butt_1024x768¬†Apparently it is possible, which is great news for those who haven’t been blessed with a truly maximus gluteus . According to Buffy the Body, she owes hers to protein shakes. And we’ve seen how well that worked for her.

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Roast Bake

Since I’ve conquered sada roti, my next challenge will be Johnny or Roast Bake. The Naps Cookbook has a recipe, but I’m concerned about the lard requirement. I’m hoping that butter instead won’t be a major problem.

I’ll hold out for Sunday to try it

Breakfast of Champions

I made Sada this morning. I’ve been craving it whole week and today I caved. I also bought batteries for my camera so I decided to take photos of the process. For the first time I used the full recipe from the Naparima Cookbook, and it came out great.

Making sada is easy, the process is just a little messy and time consuming. But the results are so worth it. And it’s quite a filling and healthy breakfast, I don’t use any fat when cooking the roti. I use oil to cook both the tomato and bhaigan chokas, but not much.

I learned the sakaying process from the Chennette, she was commenting on TriniGourmet’s blog post on sada. It’s soo easy it’s ridiculous.

If you try it let me know how it turns out.

Balance and Flexibility

Ideally I’d know how to do the splits. But sadly I don’t. Being flexible is part of good all-round health, and while doing a split isn’t at all mandatory, it definitely would be a cool skill to have.

So I found some links online, with tips on how to stretch for the splits. I selected these two because they seem to have the right kind of information. Safe, reassuring and accurate.

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I’m Training for a 5K

My goal is really to run the entire race. I’ve only just started, but I’m actually quite optimistic. I was inspired by my performance in the Clico 5k earlier this year. Considering I’d only slept for just over an hour because I’d attended a Tribe Fete, I did well. By well I mean, I ran a bit (more than I’d expected too and didn’t die). The UTC 5k is in mid-May so I have time.

My training plan is very simple: to build up my running time every week. Right now I’m trying to run three times a week, do pilates twice and swim once a week. I’m hoping to start swimming this week, possibly at the La Joya pool. I learned from my failed triathlon attempt, that cross training helps prevent you from getting injured. The different activities build up different muscle groups so no one area of your body is overworked.

It should be fun.