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Balance and Flexibility

Ideally I’d know how to do the splits. But sadly I don’t. Being flexible is part of good all-round health, and while doing a split isn’t at all mandatory, it definitely would be a cool skill to have.

So I found some links online, with tips on how to stretch for the splits. I selected these two because they seem to have the right kind of information. Safe, reassuring and accurate.

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hello-kitty-epson-computer-newThat’s a word my mother made-up to describe what she was doing on the computer. So instead of surfing the web, she’d say she’s “internetting”.

Anyway just wanted to share some of the best  stuff I read online this past week.

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Afro Love

I’m not good at taking care of my hair. Especially since it’s natural. Meaning it’s thick and curly, and it a lot  for one girl to handle. I fear the obsession I have for my pens, should be get-sexy-hair-17_fulltranslated to my hair, if it is to get the care it needs.

I recently got it flatironed and the results were quite nice. If I’d let them wash my hair, instead of doing it myself,  it would have come out straighter and lasted longer. And I’ve recently become obsessed with Dominican Blowouts, trust me if a trip to MIA was in my near future I was booking a hair appointment stat. That was after I’d heard about Brazilian Keritin Treatments, and then dismissed them because of the potential danger. There’s a newer version of the BKT from Coppola which is supposed to  be safer, but I don’t know if being cute is worth the risk!

Don’t be scared I haven’t abandoned my nappy naps, I love them. But I get bored. Trust me I had locks, dyed them red and then cut them off when they passed shoulder length. Truth be told they looked great, but I just needed a change.

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Ordered It!

I just placed my order for the dark gel pen paper from Miller Pens and Paper. I’ll let you know how the process goes, and what the product is really like when I get it. Next on the list the bright coloured filler paper from the Wausau Paper Company.

Happy writing peeps.

I’m Training for a 5K

My goal is really to run the entire race. I’ve only just started, but I’m actually quite optimistic. I was inspired by my performance in the Clico 5k earlier this year. Considering I’d only slept for just over an hour because I’d attended a Tribe Fete, I did well. By well I mean, I ran a bit (more than I’d expected too and didn’t die). The UTC 5k is in mid-May so I have time.

My training plan is very simple: to build up my running time every week. Right now I’m trying to run three times a week, do pilates twice and swim once a week. I’m hoping to start swimming this week, possibly at the La Joya pool. I learned from my failed triathlon attempt, that cross training helps prevent you from getting injured. The different activities build up different muscle groups so no one area of your body is overworked.

It should be fun.

Dark Paper

I have a weakness for school supplies. I have explored my pen addiction before, it has filtered to include general office/ school supplies. Partially cause studying is so boring, I need something to distract me from the lame bits, and help keep me focused. Hence my thing for dark paper. It’s so much cooler than white. It’s kind of rebellious in a way (OK, not really but you get my point).

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Pen Addict

zebra_jj103-6cI discovered my love of pens in primary school. Penmanship class was the place where my love/ addiction began. We’d spend many hours perfecting our letter formation. By high-school we moved on to using pens. In fact in early primary school it was called Handwriting class, when we moved up to standard 4 and started using pens they called it Penmanship.

We had rules and fancy new equipment in Penmanship class. Lovely, adult Fountain pens, blotters, ink, yea!. We had some don’ts as well: no ball points at all, because they RUIN your handwriting! I remember discussing the merits of cartridge over refillable fountain pens with classmates. I had both! I also remember getting a turquoise cartridge for my fountain pen. It made writing fun! More fun than I’d ever imagined.

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