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Internet Lackary

I don’t know how the gossip mags are making out in these times with¬† the stiff competition they’re getting from the blogs. I for one not spending a cent on the slackness when I can get it for free online.¬† It’s no secret that print is suffering, while I’ll still buy fashion magazine (despite my reservations about them) gossip mags just can’t get any play from me.

Why? Let me list my reasons for you:

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Party Shoes

I recently returned from a trip to MIA to visit my mother. If I’ve never mentioned it before, the woman is shoe obsessed! It was during this trip that she purchased 5 pairs in one weekend, and then tried to blame me for being a bad influence. Truth is she can’t help herself, and this was simply a case of her latent shoe love flaring up.

During one of our trips we found ourselves in Ninewest; a store I love for having lovely shoes I can afford. And I met this gorgeous shoe. It’s so obviously an evening shoe that isn’t ashamed to make a statement, without being tacky. In fact I find it very elegant, and don’t know why I didn’t purchase a pair (OK I know why I didn’t but still).Fluffy

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