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The Best Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is coming up and you need to get something great for your father. Socks and colognes won’t do. If you plan to get him a tie, is best you don’t bother to buy him anything at all because that’s just mean. So I’ve decided to help you out.

  1. The Kotobukiya Star Wars Chop Sticks. I absolutely love these. Dad might be too big for light saber toys, but he gets to release his inner-child with these and face minimal embarrassment. Actually I think that they are majorly cool.
  2. You father might have been the type who made mix-tapes to woo women. Hell, he probably made a special mix for your mom. Spark his nostalgia with this awesome mix-tape USB drive. You pick the colour and the design and it’s packaged in  a gift-ready box for delivery.
  3. The doctor may have banned him from watching cricket, because his poor heart can’t take it anymore. If the tabanca is too much for dad, buy C.L.R. James’ masterpiece Beyond a Boundary. Don’t worry if you see a tear form in his eye. When Windies was King; we ruled them all. And that C.L.R. guy can really write.
  4. Everybody loves Pac man and these mugs are the coolest! Add a hot beverage and the design changes. How cool is that?
  5. ThinkGeek is the perfect site for dad. I’ve never heard of these before, but they are clearly made of awesome. Whiskey Stones!?! Nuff said.
  6. If your father is a sommelier with s sense of humour these two options are right up his alley. The RedNek Wine Glass is a cheeky nod to his Southern Roots (or if he loves Red Neck culture).  The other is the paper cup wine glass. Designed by Maxim Velčovský, I think they would be perfect for serving wine at a Carnival all-inclusive.
  7. This next gift might suit a young father best. An ice-shot glass mold sounds like it could only end in greatness.  Make some for the next boys lime and earn the respect of your friends.
  8. Get him the Oz: Seasons 1-6 Box set. That show was amazing, if dad hasn’t seen it your duty is to get it for him.
  9. If you can jog to the music you should be able to swim to the music. Right? Well not really, because water and electronics don’t mix. But not anymore. The Amphibx Waterproof iPod armband will have you swimming to the beat. You should probably get him the Surge waterproof headphones too.
  10. Help him preserve his vinyl albums. This gadget will let him play his favourites AND convert them to digital ready formats. Forget dad, I want the Crosley Master Turntable myself.

And there you have it. The definitive gift-guide  for dad. Save this for birthdays and Christmas and thank me later.


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