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My ‘To-Do’ List for Life

In the spirit of magazines and shows that create list of things you should do, know, accomplish by a certain age. My own tendency to create plans or verbilise my dreams etc etc I’ve decided to create a list of things I must do.

  1. A full Year of Living Pretty – I need to do the high maintenance, girly girl, immaculate appearance thing. I love fashion and make-up but I’m usually too lazy to commit. Maybe I need to jump in the deep end. I need to do a full year of being fancy.
  2. Write and submit an application to do my PhD. I have these thoughts in my head for a study. It’s obvious that there’s a lot of room for study on and about the Caribbean. Plus I really love doing research. There might be something there for me to do.
  3. Do a mini-triathlon. I started, but never finished the training for a mini-tri a few years back. Now, I feel like I need to. Besides the cross-training is really good for you. You’re less likely to hurt yourself.
  4. Learn to DJ; using vinyl. Daddy has lots of old records and I love their sound. The more we move towards digitization, everyone and their father is a DJ. Damn you Apple! 
  5. Become fluent in Spanish!
  6. Read the Bible.
  7. Read a book a week for an entire year. Otherwise known as the 50 books a year challenge.

This should be a fun ride.


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