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Why Do I Still Care About Fashion?

I read a lot of great articles today while surfing the web. Most of them about fashion, but by the time I was done I was wondering: why the hell do I still care about fashion? I’m not talking about Old Navy to Banana Republic type of fashion, but the high-end couture making, $1000 shoe type of fashion. Why do I still care about it?

More and more it seems to be a bastion of irredeemable awfulness, all wrapped up in the latest designer must have.

I mean, I’ve known forever that they’re racist. But with every day that passes it seems the stalwarts are determined to make Italian Vogue’s all-black issue a one-off event. Super model Iman spoke to countrywoman and Ralph Lauren spokeswoman Ubah about the current state of the fashion industry and the still relevant issue of diversity, or the lack of it.

The funny thing is that they feel entitled to a place within the US First Lady’s wardrobe. You would think by their runway shows, that Mrs Obama isn’t the kind of person they’d want in their clothes. So why complain now? Dmitcha of Daily Kos speaks of going on castings as a black woman, and reading signs saying they weren’t interested in coloured girls. Sigh, someone needs to tell these people – these designers that “you reap what you sow”.

But things aren’t at all kosher for the models the Fashion jefes like. Former model Sarah Ziff has produced a documentary I’m dying to see. The film “Picture Me” looks at the good and the bad. But be warned, the bad is really awful. Underaged models unsupervised and unattended, easy targets for lecherous elders. Again nothing new, but the reference to working with a model so young she worked on colouring books during her downtime shocked me.

What I’d never considered however is that it many be a misconception that many models are anorexic. In one interview a model explained that a lot of these girls are in fact children. Albeit very tall ones who are naturally skinny. I can appreciate that, it doesn’t mean there aren’t models with eating disorders, or that the industry don’t encourage it, but not all models are afflicted. At least not yet.

I highly recommend that you read the Jezebel article on Sara’s documentary. And be sure to click on the links too, it’s quite illuminating. Oh, here’s the list of available preview videos for the documentary, Picture Me.

And when you’re finished click here and here to see some of beauty the fashion industry couldn’t care less about.


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