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It’s so great in the media wilderness to come across a beauty who brakes the mold.  I’ve listed a few of them. Use them as inspiration; especially when you’re having one of your feeling “Less then cute” moments.

  • Kim Kardashian – First disregard,  the porn. But lets get real, whatever the state of her ass, thank God for a woman who loves her’s for once. JLo seems to have relinquished the crown, and her successor has taken her title quite nicely.
  • Beth Ditto – Beth is huge! Her fashion sense is best described as shocking over flattering. And she’s gorgeous! I was never posing for a pic like this, but she does and it works. In the real world we know beauty comes in all sizes. However, it’s nice to have the media reinforce that truth.
  • The Watermelon Woman – The Brazilian beauty is Andressa Soares, and her ass is amazing! Granted I’ve seen similar and bigger on the streets of Port-of-Spain, leave it to the thong country to produce a this gem. Read the article in Vice, her confidence is refreshing.
  • Beyoncé – Even with the did they or didn’t they arguments about fairer skinned Beyoncé in a L’Oreal ad, the girl with the big Ego is a positive role model for curvy girls everywhere.
  • Jennifer Hudson – Seriously one of the prettiest celebrities out there. And she’s a beautiful big girl.
  • Jill Scott – Another one of those too pretty to be believed ladies. She and Jennifer are my makeup inspirations. They’re also my cleavage inspirations, I mean if you’ve got it flaunt it.
  • Gorgeous Black Women – the media really only likes one type of black woman. Us darker girls have to reinforce what we see in our families and in the mirror daily to remind ourselves of our beauty. This blog could care less about shade, or strict beauty rules, very reassuring.
  • Asian Models Blog –  If you think black girls have it rough with the lack of media representation, you’ve haven’t been looking at it with a discerning eye. This blog is a big plus in the argument for more diversity in fashion.

This list isn’t in any particular order, because I’ve really got no favourites. And it isn’t the most conclusive, and I haven’t added all my inspirations.

And these days I’m obsessing over hair; just want mine long and natural. But for those I have to turn to media celebrities, the kind you’d find on fokti or from their blogs.  Mainstream  hasn’t caught up to the levels of natural hair hotness available on the internet. You’ve seen some of my favourites here,  and here. Enjoy.


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