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I don’t know how the gossip mags are making out in these times with  the stiff competition they’re getting from the blogs. I for one not spending a cent on the slackness when I can get it for free online.  It’s no secret that print is suffering, while I’ll still buy fashion magazine (despite my reservations about them) gossip mags just can’t get any play from me.

Why? Let me list my reasons for you:

  • Bourgy – The tag line says it all, this is where smart people dump down. It’s bread and butter is Vh1’s roster of tacky reality shows. Charm School, Flavor of Love, I Love Money, all of the mind numbingly foolish shows you love are profiled here. Don’t judge me, my job is stressful (ok as I write this I’m a full-time student) this provides the balance. The blogger goes by the name steupz (I wonder if they’re Trinidadian, I’ll ask) and has the most acid tongue (definitely Trini) and that’s the real clincher for me.
  • Bossip –  Of gosh these people don’t have any training, and shamelessly that was the draw for me. They don’t put water in their mouth for anybody so sometimes they’re downright mean. But because I like bachannal this is the kind of thing that got me reading them in the first place.
  • TheSuperficial – The guy who writes this is an evil genius, where gossip is concerned. Seriously if I were famous, I’d want him to like me. Scratch that, I’d want him to love me, cause he’s really harsh when he doesn’t.
  • GoFugYourself – I get celebrity fashion, in that I believe they should be held to  a different standard than the rest of us. I expect their outfits to be 10x better or weirder, because most have a  stylist or an image to maintain. That said some people  are just wrong with their choices. These days with the internet everybody feels they’re an expert, but for the most part I feel the FugGirls get it right with their criticism. My only complaint is: I think they don’t post enough.
  • Tales of a Groupie – The title says it all, this is where groupies spill the beans on their conquests. So if you wanted to know how R&B singer Joe puts it down, read this. If you want to mind Beyoncé’s business you’ve come to the right place. I have nothing more to say click and enjoy.

That’s why gossip mags can’t get my money anymore. But I need to cut down, too much of this crap isn’t good for you.


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