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What I Want

It’s been a while, but good news, not only did I graduate with an MA, I got a merit too!

So I’ve decide to list some of the stuff I really, really want, or just find oh-so-cute. A girl can dream, and I really love mine. Here goes:

  • I should be shame, but I love silly slippers. Whatever you think about this reality star, these slippers rock! That’s right, I’m talking about Snooki Slippers. I linked to the purple ones on Twitter, but the turquoise are my favs.
  • I love hoody dresses to wear to and from the gym. So I found this cute one from Nike and this one from Adidas. I’ve love to wear them post-workout with my Adissage slippers.
  • For work, I’m loving dresses. They’re easier to wear than suits, and separates. I find they give me the professional look I’m after, plus I find them very flattering for curvy women.  love this Plutocracy Dress at lot. It’s simple, so the wearer can dress it up or down with the right accessories. The oversized flower gave the right amount of visual interest, without overpowering the design, and it’s a really versatile piece. I can easily wear this to a daytime event, or church.
  • I’ve also been loving the  work of several upcoming African and African inspired designers. People like Duro OlowuBoxing Kitten and Zed Eye. I discovered this amazing blog from a group of London-based fashionistas called: Shop Liquorice, who’ve introduced me to many of these up and comers. With reason, because their designs are amazing, and reflect a worldview many share, but rarely make the front page of the fashion mags.

Just a round up of some of  the lovely things I’ve been loving right now.


Why I Need a Job

I’m one of those girls who  dreams of fashion. I have the perfect outfit styled and accessorised to perfection in my head for various occasions. Unfortunately my budget, location etc sometimes conspire against me. Though it’s been a while I wanted to share my new fantasies with you.

First up is the Mama Ring by Peace Images. How could I not want this desperately? It’s practically calling my name.

Just a word of caution, homegirl is talented, so browsing her site could lead you into poverty. I also really love this blue agate ring, and could see me placing an order for both at the same time.

I was updating our blog listing at work and happened upon this quirky fashion site: Kingdom of Style. It wasn’t really my style, but the artistic vision was intriguing so I clicked through some links until I met the love of my life.

I like the idea of these in purple, as seen on “Samantha” in Sex in the City 2. The key would be to keep the rest of the outfit simple. admit it, aren’t these earrings just made to be worn with a rockin’ afro puff?

Sigh, I need a job.


hello-kitty-epson-computer-newThat’s a word my mother made-up to describe what she was doing on the computer. So instead of surfing the web, she’d say she’s “internetting”.

Anyway just wanted to share some of the best  stuff I read online this past week.

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Confession About the Shopoholic Novels

I don’t like them. I might enjoy the movie, specifically because of Patrica Field’s work. Though her work here is too camp for the heroine, as described in the books themselves, I love how she uses fashion to tell a story. That and I think Isla Fisher is a funny actress. Considering the changes they made, and my lack of loyalty to the books , I actually want to see it. I think the movie should be fun.

So why didn’t I like the books? I thought Becky Bloomwood was too blasted stupid! Her spending wasn’t cute, funny or believable, it was just crazy. There was nothing in her behaviour that I could relate to, even if it required suspending my disbelief. I just couldn’t like the character, like the Fug Girls I just wanted to slap her.

It’s in the Jeans

I think denim is the best thing to happen to the fashion world. They’re so stylish, comfortable and convenient. Ideally every woman should have five pairs of jeans.

  1. The casual knock-about pair of jeans in a light blue or stonewash bootcut. It can be dressed up or down. As a soon to be university student…I need to replace this staple in my wardrobe.
  2. Dressy jeans for nights on the town, dark-wash straight leg jeans. Some come with a metallic thread inter-woven into the material, so there a bit of a sparkle. That helps it make the transition to nightwear easilyt. I’m not so fond of the metallic jeans in the day, but it can be done. Indigo washes can dress up any style of jean…I like straight leg best in dark washes.
  3. Trouser-cut jeans are my new favourite! I think everyday should be casual Friday, and these jeans help me fulfil that mandate. Of course dark wash helps keep it dressy. Actually I only have one pair of jeans in my closet now ( the result of a ridiculously rapid weight gain) and it’s trouser-cut.
  4. Skinny-jeans are a great new shape for all sizes. I think on bigger girls, they’re best used the way you’d dress with leggings. That is with larger tops that cover your derriere, especially if they bunch-up at the ankles. Slimmer girls could wear them with close fitting tops. I have a bias for dark washes, but I have seen some that look really great in ligther colours.
  5. White jeans are great! I don’t have, but I want so badly. I love the idea of a trouser-cut jean in white, though bootcut might be a more traditional option. Skinny jeans look really fresh in white. The biggest issue with white jean is the weight of the denim, if you’re a bigger girl, get a pair with some heft in it, once it fits well it won’t make you look bigger. And I live in the West Indies so we could wear white jeans all year round, and you don’t see a lot of people in them. They dress up really easily. If you don’t have white jeans in your closet, consider them. Cleaning them shouldn’t be an issue, either dry clean or use good old fashion blue soap to keep them bright.

As much as I love jeans, I’m having problems getting jeans to fit. What I’ve been told is that you have to try on a lot of styles to find your ideal pair. When you find your ideal pair, but two and hem one to wear with flats, and leave the other for your heels. Also, buy them as tight as possible. Why, because jeans stretch, a lot. Right now I need to take my jeans in for that very same reason so that it will fit me properly.

I love denim skirts too. I have a casual A-line skirt, but I’m looking for a dark-wash pencil-cut denim skirt. it fits with my dressy casual style. I once had a pair a leather-trimmed denim mules from Unisa. I wore those things to death.

Where price is concerned, I don’t buy into the expensive jeans BS…some of the best fitting jeans I ever owned were pretty cheap. LEI did more good things to my derriere than Donna Karen or Calvin Klein ever could, so I ent taking that expensive denim chain-up ever again. These days it’s a lot easier in some respects to get great jeans that fit, more and more companies are considering designs for women with curves, a welcome option.

I plan to start working on my denim wardrobe ASAP. What can I say, fashion makes me happy. Oh for a little fashion inspiration here’s an interview with a fed-up jeans wearer who took matters into her own hands, and became a millionaire business owner.

The one denim style I haven’t bought into? Coloured jeans, ick.

What I Love on the WWWeb.

Here’re some of the blogs I really like right now.

Afrobella – Beauty with a conscience and intelligence! I friend of mine introduced me to this blog,  because the blog’s author is a Hilarian.  I started reading her as a natural hair resource.

Jezebel – What do you do with your degree in English or Gender Studies? Get a job with Jezebel and write really funny, smart assessments of the world of fashion, television, you know the pop-culture the stuff we women like to ingest for fun. Makes me wonder why I ever liked magazines in the first place.

Slate- Is an on-line magazine. I started reading Slate when I was working at a boring job with great Internet access. So I’m spent my day looking at girlie porn and reading on-line articles on MSN, where I found Slate. Smart, funny and interesting. I don’t read it as much as I used to, but I looove Ad Report card.

Make Fetch Happen – I just discovered this blog, about fashion and beauty. It’s great because it isn’t a cheap marketing tool of stuff I can’t afford. If you love fashion, but mourn the move from creativity to blatant capitalism. Read Brigitte’s great post about fashion magazine’s love for the colonial chic layout. It’s posts like that, that make this blog my new favourite.

My Favourite Movies

I’m not a big movie goer. In fact the last time I went to the cinema was a week and a half ago to see Iron Man (watch it). Before that it was Tylor Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? (watch it, if only for the dinner revelations), and before that 300 (watch it for the abs).

But if I had to pick a genre it would be chick flicks. You know cute girl movies about young woman problems of life, career, love and fashion. The best are stylish and self deprecating. Even if the story line is crap, the cinematography, the location and of course the clothes can make a delicious visual feast.

So I wanted to list some of my favourite Chick Flicks. These are in no particular order.

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