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hello-kitty-epson-computer-newThat’s a word my mother made-up to describe what she was doing on the computer. So instead of surfing the web, she’d say she’s “internetting”.

Anyway just wanted to share some of the best  stuff I read online this past week.

I just completed a survey for Researcher/ Documentary Maker Marsha Pearce on Tempo (the music channel) and Caribbean Identity. Do it, I think Caribbean people need to start thinking about why we are the way we are. That we should cherish the good parts and work on our issues. I’m looking for her documentary “Wrestling with the Angels,” the clip from IMDb is intriguing. Hey Tempo, maybe if you show stuff like this people will watch your channel. Regularly.

I love “What Not To Wear”! I think the basic premise is a great one, especially for women. What I want people to get out of this interview with host Stacy London,  is this comment more than any other;

“You have to look in the mirror and see that what you’re wearing looks good on the body you have now.”. “Wearing a larger size is just . . . wearing a larger size.”

An important message, I think for all women.noble-skirt

As for clothes that fit, and fit well. Jeans can be a bother for many women, especially me. Most companies don’t cater for hips and ass. Apparently this company does, PZI jeans. I would try them,but the opportunity has yet to present itself, but I love the concept. They recently added white jean to their collection. I’m a  little concerned about the heft, but if I had to pick I’d go with the skinny. More importantly they have dark wash pencil skirts, and they’re sexier than the ones I linked to in my original jeans post. Even if  they aren’t the Holy Grail of jeans for girls with curves, it’s a start.

If you feel like broadening your mind a bit. Shoe Designer Mark Schwartz does these witty watercolours of shoes. You check out or even purchase his paintings on his website, and this is one of my favourites. Kinda reminiscent of Manolo Blahnik ‘s illustrations of his  shoes (I really love the exaggerated arches in his drawings).


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