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My Paper Anniversary of Blogging

I’ve just completed one year as a blogger. My first blog was called GoodFaith, but I couldn’t keep up with 2 blogs, so I cancelled it and moved those posts here.

I love music, and some of my favourite posts feature the songs I love. Traditionally my first posts featured this song by Joseph “Culture” Hill, which is easily my favourite reggae song. It’s hard to pick a favourite out of my favourites, but I tend to play these songs the most, UpTown Top Rankin by Tight’n Up, Aap Jaisa Koi, Buy You A Drank by T-Pain, and  Read a Book by Bomani Armah. But I have to say Firey by Mastro is probably my favourite of my Favourites (does that even make sense). I didn’t know him before so I started playing the other songs on the YouTube playlist and loved them. Firey has been described as the most perfect soca song ever. Ask your parents, they’ll tell you.

Easily my most popular posts are My Favourite Movies: a list of the chick flicks I like, I Not Playing Mas Eh: my ode to de mas I not playing and Pen Addict: still addicted, need therapy but won’t go.  My content is best described as a callaloo (a little bit of everything in one place), I move from serious, to silly, mostly self-indulgent and idealistic. Occassionally I get on my soapbox. My posts on Celebrity Death, Diamonds, Racism and Current Affairs fit into this category. And everyone seems to agree with my low opinion of Barbados’ Culture Minister.

My posts have chronicled my fashion ideals and thoughts about health. I mean everyone who reads my blog knows I love shoes, and hats. I have a conflicted relationship with magazines and I am working on getting my brain to truly love my natural hair. I also have some great tips on healthy eating, particularly for Caribbean people.

I love my photography themed posts best.  They’ve covered my cooking projects, natural disasters cricket at de Oval and my favourite: the Belmont Tour with the National Museum. They are so fun to do and I like to think of myself as an amateur photographer;  just without the fancy equipment.

I get bored easily, and most blogs have a high failure rate. What is hampering my posting is that I’m in a pretty high stress time-consuming field. So my time home is spend recovering. Twitter: which I’d been ducking has been great for my blog. I now average 30 to 40 clicks a day as opposed to 15, because of it and Polyvore. What’s been great is that twitter has let me continue blogging, just on a smaller scale. With the mini-feed widget I get to combine the two.

I may be starting a new chapter of my life soon. That adventure will definitely be fodder for future posts. So what ever happens, thanks for stopping by. I hope it’s been fun. I have plans to make it more so in the near future.

So thanks for reading and please, have some cake.

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