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Brazilian Blowdry

It  seems that protein treatments are key to getting your hair bone-straight without permanently altering the hair structure. Products like ApHogee are very popular in this regard and keratin seems to be the power house protein when it comes to relaxing the curl pattern in your hair.

Traditional Brazilian Treatments contain formaldehyde and emitted toxic fumes during processing which sparked health concerns. Unfortunately the BKT doesn’t have the lock on health concerns. According to Skin Deep:  Cosmetic Safety Database traditional relaxers contain worrying ingredients too.

My thing is to find a non-permanent alternative to curly hair, because I crave versatility.  Initially I thought I found my solution in the Dominican Blowouts,  but my research seems to suggest they’re really for gals with loose curls or relaxed hair who just want to straighten out new growth. Since my hair is 4a/b (and crazy thick), I don’t think Dominican Blowouts will work on me. Even if it could I’m not sure the heat is worth it.

It’ll be interesting to see what the research says about the new formaldehyde-free Brazilian Blowdry Nicole Richie is raving about.  Her review is amazing, talking about eliminating frizz, and finally having wash and go hair.

Fortunately availability and cost forces me to have patience, otherwise I’d so be on this. The Coppola Keratin Complex treatment Mane & Chic used is available in Trinidad & Tobago, but I’m not sure about cost. And in this recession I’m not willing to blow hundreds on my hair.



  Jordana Lorraine wrote @

Brazilian Blowout is almost exactly what you seek: it is semi-permanent, non-damaging and formaldehyde-free. However, to be clear it does not make hair bone straight. It eliminates frizz and dramatically reduces curl…if hair hair wavy and frizz, it will become straight but still with a natural body/bend to it. If it is a medium curl, it will be reduced to a flatter, “beachy” type of wave and be much easier/faster to blow out (in my case, 45 mins with round brushes and a flat iron became 10 mins with just a paddle brush). If hair is very curly or kinky, is is relaxed to a softer ringlet and again, is much easier /faster to blow out.

Keratin Complex by Coppola is a similar treatment, but not interchangeable. It produces a stronger straightening result, though still not comparable to a traditional or Japanese straightener. I do not all it semi-permanent, but “demi” permanent, because I’ve had reports of clients doing it once then wanting their curls back, but not being able to get a nice curl for as long as 8 months. So it is straighter than the Brazilian Blowout for a few months, but then it sits in limbo between straight and curly for a few more months. During this time the clients were quite frustrated because it took a lot of work to blow it out, but they couldn’t wear it curly because it didn’t forma nice wave/curl.

I recommend Coppola’s product if someone is trying to transition away from a traditional or Japanese straightener. I recommend Brazilian Blowout if someone wants to try it and maybe go back to curly, or likes the variety of changing her hair with the seasons.

I hope this helps…there is more info, and many photos, on my website:

  F wrote @

Hi, I’m in Trinidad now and want to know, where is the Brazilian offered?? I have no idea how to find out

  youcouldbelievethis wrote @

I think the beauty salon on Normandy Hotel offers it. My co-worker went there for the treatment. The stylist’s name is Roberto, give him a call. He’s also really great at threading eyebrows.

  F wrote @

Thanks so much, you’re a lifesaver! Since I left London I have not been able to find a single person offering threading in the Caribbean. My eyebrows thank you!

  youcouldbelievethis wrote @

No probs I’m enjoying the benefits of threading up here in the UK. I love it!

  Melissa Brazilian wrote @

Like any other treatment – do your homework before you go to the salon. Ask what products they use and what the process is. Brazilian keratin treatments are awesome for frizzy hair – but its important to make sure you are getting it done right.

  Decking Kits · wrote @

at home, i use flat iron when i want to keep my suit very neat and without wrinkles *”:

  Nika wrote @

does ANYONE have any idea of the cost?

  youcouldbelievethis wrote @

Honestly Nika you need to call the nearest salon that offers the treatment. The price can differ from salon to salon.

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