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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, the undisputed King of Pop is dead.

My feelings are a weird combination of loss and an awareness that I don’t know the individual at all. So do I even have a right to grieve?

My feelings about Michael in particular were particularly conflicted because of those dreaded sexual abuse allegations . And then there was the “whole colour” issue.

But his music and performing ability (plus the all so important dismissal of the charges, twice) brought me back.  I am a fan;  of Michael Jackson the performer. He was supposed to start his final world tour next month.

I’m going to buy the re-release of Thriller in tribute.

We’ve lost a great performer. Michael Jackson you will be missed.

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal
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  boboleechron wrote @

Long live the gloved one.

  mark steven wrote @

i totally shock that my idol have dead in that time that i was in my room,i didn’t say something about that news,actually in that time im so angry bec of that news

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