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I’m A Soooca Warrior!!!

I’m not going to front, I support my team in football, cricket, whatever, but I can’t always just watch the match. It really stresses me out, I get emotional and it’s absolute torture, so I avoid it. So I had no intention of going to the game, but I did send the boys my good luck vibes.

Instead I went to MovieTowne to see the french film Les Temoins, translation: The Witnesses (quite good). The car-park was full, because people clearly opted to park there rather than risk them on the side of the road. In fact I don’t think I have ever seen so many cars in Trinidad! In fact when my evening ended and I left for home, around 9:30pm I was alone on the road for most of the drive.

Anyway those who couldn’t get into the game (it was sold out) were gathered in sport bars to watch the match. After a while the screams were just too much for me to bear, so I texted a friend for the score…happiness we ended up winning the match, 2-1. I was always a Soca Warrior, but this week I’m a really happy one.


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