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Up Town Top Rankin

This is one of my favourite Reggae songs ever! Actually, it’s quite the guilty pleasure, especially since this is my favourite version of the song.

This is the first time I’ve seen the video. It’s horrible!!! The fashions are soo 90s…but I can’t stop listening and looking at it! Translation: it’s made my day.

Jamaican patois spoken with a strong English accent, brilliant.

But this isn’t the original. There was this update by Ali & Frazier.

And this is the orginal, it’s sung by two Jamaican English teenagers Althea and Donna. According to Wikipedia, the song’s sucess was a surprise. I can’t see how, I love it in all versions. I even found one with R&B darling Estelle, that I really like. Just a note Estelle, I’d pick a halter-back over a Gucci cap anyday.

Yes, I know those glasses are awful. Isn’t in funny that a song I associate with fashion, has such dreadful sartorial crimes in its videos? But at least they’re in khaki suits, and yuh know sey dey top rankin.



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