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Ain’t Karma a Bitch

Last week the Express sought it fit to  scandalise CNMG. Well because of CL Financial’s situation the tables have turned, and the Guardian saw it fit to return the favour.
Take dat in yuh pweffim!



  anonyjw wrote @

Not really karma… The Guardian is owned by the Trinidad Publishing Company, which in turn is owned by Ansa-McAl.

CNMG is owned by the gov’t… so the Guardian was more stirring up trouble more than anything else.

  youcouldbelievethis wrote @

True, but my point was that local media personnel are really petty and backbiting, and are unfortunately prone to exploiting their job for their own personal gain.

The Express first story was fine, the second one, I thought was petty, and not at all newsworthy.

Guardian was well within their right to publish their story, because people need to know Government has the potential to control two major media houses in this small twin island state.

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