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Party Shoes

I recently returned from a trip to MIA to visit my mother. If I’ve never mentioned it before, the woman is shoe obsessed! It was during this trip that she purchased 5 pairs in one weekend, and then tried to blame me for being a bad influence. Truth is she can’t help herself, and this was simply a case of her latent shoe love flaring up.

During one of our trips we found ourselves in Ninewest; a store I love for having lovely shoes I can afford. And I met this gorgeous shoe. It’s so obviously an evening shoe that isn’t ashamed to make a statement, without being tacky. In fact I find it very elegant, and don’t know why I didn’t purchase a pair (OK I know why I didn’t but still).Fluffy

These however are definitely party shoes. It’s almost like they deserve their own spotlight.  While  I think Christian Louboutin is a genius with platforms,  I love these because the bow on the back is irresistable. This pretty pair will instantly dress up any outfit you have, just brace yourself for all the attention they’ll cause.

Satin Anemone

But not every evening shoe has to make a statement. I love these Manolos because they’re a classic evening pump.  Sometimes understated elegance is everything, and these d”Orsays fit the bill. They come is many colours (black, gold, raspberry) but purple satin = yum.

Purple Dor OsaysI’m intrigued by glitter. There’s a fine line between really stylish and too-flipping coskelle. The thing about glitter is that it’s soo attention getting that the shoe itself should be simple. That’s why I highlighted the Louboutin pumps, but had to showcase the Privé. It’s lovely platform, open-toe pump, but the glitter finish makes it new. I highly recommend it!

Glitter Prive

Of course ruffles and glitter aren’t the typical features of most evening shoes. Satin in metallic colours usually does the job. Add some rhineshoes and you’re good to go. Personally,  I’d sooner purchase a gold or silver shoe to start my evening show wardrobe. For the silver shoe lover, the options are endless.  I found this shoe on I’m not sure how it would actually look on my foot, I find it busy yet intriguing.

Te CasanGold is also a welcome addition to any evening shoe wardrobe, but I don’t mean this. Gold is my goto evening neutral, it punches up black and compliments my skintone fabulously. According to Shoe Closet this shoe was one of Elle Magazine’s picks for March, and I can see why. It’s Lovely.

Valentino I don’t think you have to spend a lot of money on shoes, but I couldn’t not link to Manolo and Christian, cause a girl can dream can’t she?  At any rate I don’t know if I’ll be getting any opportunity to try these styles out myself anytime soon. If I do, however, I’ll keep you informed. Until then, stay cute.


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