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I have been  so converted by the Twitter that I’ve been neglecting my blog. That and it’s been hella stressful at work. At any rate come September/October I should be in school in the UK, and that should provide much fodder for my blog or distract me from it completely. We’ll see.

I’ve been following some amazing beauty bloggers on Twitter, some others I discovered using WordPress’ search function. As you know I’ve become obsessed with hair blogs, well it has morphed into an all round beauty binge. For that I blame the following:

  • Lauren the Queen of Blending. Just google her. She has a YouTube channel and it is inspiring! Kinda of like Kevyn Aucoin’s makeup books; I don’t have her skills, but she’s so down to earth she makes it seem easy. She really likes crazy bright eye make-up, the kind I almost wish more women in Trinidad and Tobago would wear regularly. At least for playtime. She has me dreaming about OCC’s lip tars, yum!
  • Brittany from Clumps of Mascara I follow her on Twitter mostly. I started drinking green smoothies because she raves about them always. Since I don’t have a juicer anymore, the smoothie thing is doable. She’s a veggie and proud, and while I not giving up meat, I love the health and beauty tips she gives.
  • Amanda Franken of Dr. Frankenpolish is the owner of the blog that got me excited about nail polish again! Seriously. She makes her own colours mixing polishes with glitter, pigment or each other to create some amazing things. I have a weakness for greens and blues. Trust me if you read her blog you may have seen me gushing in the comments section. Shameless I know, but the colours are amazing!
  • Molly from Polish Mayhem is my Twitter fave! Didn’t know about jellies, glass flecks or halos until I read this blog. But you could just read the blog to drool over the amazing colours she gets to model.
  • Scrangie of the blog with the same name has some of the best looking nails I’ve seen. Honestly, if she’d hand over her nail polish stash I’d be a happy woman. I’m new to the Scrangie fan club, but she’s so big  Rescue Beauty Lounge invited her to create her own colour. It’s now available for pre-order. Here are her colour swatches, aren’t they amazing?
  • The Beauty Maven behind Her Juvenescent Elixir does everything Fokti, WordPress and YouTube. And She’s accomplished in natural hair and make-up so yes I’m jealous, but in a you- go- girl sentiment not a hateration kind of way (if that makes sense to you).  With regular FOTD and NOTD updates plus detailed instructions when necessary, you may have to add this to your blogroll. I’m just saying.

And don’t get me started about fotki and twitter. They could be deadly for a beauty addict. Because of twitter I discovered black lip gloss, as a VIABLE option. I’ve been tweeting up a storm, so follow me or drop by the blog for updates and fabu links.

Love Ya!

Got to go What Not to Wear is on!


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