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Watched the Tyra show this evening, and she was talking to former Top Model contestants about their experiences  with abuse. It made me think.

My aunt stabbed her husband. He hit her and she stabbed him. When police came he lied and said it was an accident. Her 14 year old daughter was left to clean the blood from the kitchen floor. She wasn’t arrested, and I never thought her actions were out of self-defense. I think she wanted to teach him a lesson.

My friend was engaged to a wonderful guy. They were liming with friends, and he disagreed with a point she was making. He took his index and middle fingers and used them to shove her under her chin. She broke off the engagement immediately. Her former fiance apologised profusely for his behaviour, but she refused to take him back. She said the shove could have easily turned into a slap across her face.

Years ago I read an article in Family Circle or Woman’s Day (I’m not sure which) about abuse. It said when a woman is killed by her abusive spouse people ask, why didn’t she leave him? To often the answer is: because he killed her that’s why. The article  said when an abusive spouse realises the abused person is serious about leaving, they can become more violent. Sometimes with fatal results.

If you are in an abusive relationship, please get help. If you’re embarrassed you don’t have tell people your business, but please get help. In Trinidad & Tobago the numbers to call are:

  • Police – 999/ 555
  • National Family Services -624-8218
  • Domestic Violence Hotline – 800-SAVE (7283)
  • Families in Action – 628-2333/ 622-6952
  • Childline – 800-4321

Some related numbers

  • Lifeline (suicide) – 645-2800/ 645-6616
  • Rape Crisis Society – 622-7273/ 657-5355

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