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George Bailey:De Man, De Mas

I wanted to share with you, some of the reasons why name of the 1st Prize in the Large Band Category in the Parade of the Bands Competition is named after him. George Bailey was a brilliant designer, who was a stickler for detail. Dr. Eric Williams reportedly told school children if they wanted to know about Egypt they should look at Bailey’s Mas.

The person who let me scan the pics, says they used Cream of Wheat to give the Sphinx texture.

I love pretty mas with the 3 Bs (Bikini, Beads, Bamsee) , but it’s nice to have a full mix. I worry about the ageism and body awareness that entering the mas. When thongs were first introduced, I remembered it was the fat girls who embraced it first. But the fat girls are losing their place in the mas. I love them for their confidence, and reaffirming that Carnival is for everybody, and it’s time for them to return.

But about Bailey. He came from a long line of Mas Makers, so really, when he launched his band at 21 and won the top prize, no one should have been shocked.

He died in 1970, he’d spent some time promoted mas internationally. The flight had a stop over in Barbados, Bailey asked for some air…ah well, read the rest here. The man who gave me these pictures, Sheppy, told me Bailey had one lung and knew that he wasn’t supposed to exert himself. His brother Albert confirmed that yes, Bailey had lung problems, and they contributed to his death.

Though we lost a great, his work lives on.

You really ought to see these things in motion. I saw Relics of Egypt, Byzantine Glory and Somewhere in New Guinea on video (In colour) and it really is amazing. Because I’m sentimental I did tear up a bit. The bookman has a lovely YouTube channel, I’ve linked to a clip of Mas in the 1950s, with the owner of the video discussing it with Holly Betaudier and Alison Hennessy.


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