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Diamonds Are Forever!

I love diamonds. They’re gorgeous and wonderful, and I love them. I love them regardless of colour, but yea the bigger the better. I once told a friend that a proposal without a ring, means the guy isn’t serious. I’ve since modified my view, but I still love diamonds.

I’m not sure when I discovered diamonds could come in colours other than white. Possibly some celebrity engagement,  but I’ve since decided coloured over white anytime. Probably not a realistic dream , but dreams aren’t supposed to be realistic. While my heart has decided it wanted coloured (I’ll settle for any) but I think chocolate or yellow is the best. That changes though because it used to be blue, green or purple. Sigh. I also fell in love with the diamond encrusted Russian Style wedding ring being sold on my favourite coloured diamond site, but that’s another story.

And then there’s that whole right-hand ring thing. It’s supposed to be a sign of independence. So even if you’re married, this ring is a symbol of your refusal to abandon your true self. So in keeping with that motif, the rings have a more ostentatious, free-form and bold design. I’ve been jonesing for a black diamond solitare, as my ideal right-hand ring.

As for shape, I’m a classic girl. Square, emerald, princess, asscher, I love. The marquise too, the rest, meh. Let me just say, who ever invented heart-shape needs a strong talking to.

So as you can see, I’ve thought about diamonds a lot. So here lies the dilemma; apparently, diamonds cause pain.  Not just some some,  but all. I’ll discuss that issue in a later post.


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