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Dark Paper

I have a weakness for school supplies. I have explored my pen addiction before, it has filtered to include general office/ school supplies. Partially cause studying is so boring, I need something to distract me from the lame bits, and help keep me focused. Hence my thing for dark paper. It’s so much cooler than white. It’s kind of rebellious in a way (OK, not really but you get my point).

I found and purchased (quite by chance) a notebook with dark blue paper, which I use sometimes to put my most idle thoughts.

But I’ve discovered they’re actually quite rare. It’s the hardest thing to search for online. I used qualifiers of all kinds and was finally able to locate this online company which sells them. Miller Pads and Paper has the dark binder paper, I want for under $4 USD, so I may place an order so that I’ll have it in time for school.

I also discovered (in my madness) bright coloured binder pages from the Wausau Paper company. I love the idea, but they’re kind of costly, so unless Amazon has a sale I’m not likely to buy them. But they’re environmentally friendly, which always a plus. And they recommend using the coloured paper as a study tool, not that I needed the excuse.

I already have index cards (coloured of course),  which I discovered after I did my Bachelors as a great study tool. I love it for helping me summarize key points.

School starts in September, and I can’t wait!


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