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zebra_jj103-6cI discovered my love of pens in primary school. Penmanship class was the place where my love/ addiction began. We’d spend many hours perfecting our letter formation. By high-school we moved on to using pens. In fact in early primary school it was called Handwriting class, when we moved up to standard 4 and started using pens they called it Penmanship.

We had rules and fancy new equipment in Penmanship class. Lovely, adult Fountain pens, blotters, ink, yea!. We had some don’ts as well: no ball points at all, because they RUIN your handwriting! I remember discussing the merits of cartridge over refillable fountain pens with classmates. I had both! I also remember getting a turquoise cartridge for my fountain pen. It made writing fun! More fun than I’d ever imagined.

Once we got older we were allowed to use rolling ball pens in class. Ball point only became permissable in high-school. And the premier rolling ball at the time was from pilot. The Pilot Precise Rolling Ball came in black and blue, and wrote like a dream. But it also came in green, purple and red, and I collected all colours. Even if you couldn’t do your homework in a purple pen, you could most certainly write your class notes in them.

Moving up to high school meant more options, because in high school you could use ball point pens. My ball point of choice was another one of Pilot’s classics. Pilot, The Better Ball Point Pen is by far my favourite ball point pen; medium nib preferred. This pen came in several different colour inks, my favourite of course was the purple. I collected all; the black, blue, purple, green and pink. My notebooks became adult colouring books, I’d re-write my class notes in two colurs, one would be the base colour and the other the highlight colour. So I’d mix colour combinations like purple and pink, blue and green, black and everything. Trust me my notebooks were really pretty when I was done.

When I thought my love for fancy- coloured ink pens couldn’t get any deeper, I discovered marble ink pens. Which introduced me to gel-ink pens. I didn’t know about Zebra brand pens before, but these pens are bad. I still have from my original purchase, which was quite a few years ago. Though they’re still working, I think I need a re-fill. Seriously! I’ll be starting my Masters in September, so I’ll need study inspiration.

As much as I love fancy-colour ink pens, because lets face it black and blue are so boring, I’m not on board with metallic colours. I used to, but not any more. I don’t hate, they just don’t add much. But if you have to get them, this set was really nice. The blue and green inks are rich and lovely.  However, I prefer the flat colours. What really gets me going are unusual colours like brown, various shades of blues and greens; Uniball has a lovely orange shade that doesn’t hurt the eye. Well, purple will always be my favourite go to shade of choice.

I’m intrigued by fountain pens. When I moved on to high school, they got left by the wayside. Since I’m left-handed, I really wasn’t inclined to keep up with them. But these have me thinking. Did you see the brown pen in the back, the colour combinations have me swooning! I think I love the JetPens website!

For after loving pens for so long, which  are my favourites?

  1. Pilot of course! I have the Pilot G2 Pen in many different colours and I love them all. I was hoping to find some of the non-traditional colours, like Caramel and Mint Green for you to see, but I couldn’t find any on the web. Anyway, they write really well, so much so that I love them even in the dull colours.
  2. This my second favourite smooth writing amazing ink pen. Uni-ball Signo Gelstick is wonderful, and if I saw it in the store I’d buy it, no questions asked. However, the orange colour is designed to make you blind. I don’t know what’s its purpose, but I’d use it was a highlighter or give it away to someone who could care less. But for the other colours, much props.
  3. Uni-ball also makes the wonderful Fusion. The ink is water based and it appears clear in the barrel, but the output is coloured. The ink may fade with age, especially as it starts to run low. But for pure fun, this pen is tops.
  4. The Pilot Better Ball Point Pen will always find a place in my pen collection. Old faithful, or first-love, whatever these are great writing instruments.

That’s my list in order of preference, starting with my favourite. Just in case you were wondering, I was searching for dark gel-ink notebooks online (didn’t find any) and discovered several blogs dedicated to the joys of using fine writing instruments. Like Pen Addict; the tag for his blog says, “There are WORSE addictions!” I couldn’t agree more, I just wish I discovered him in time to enter to win this pen set.He ships internationally!!! I’m also now looking at An Inkophile’s Blog, because she’s serious about handwriting as an art, and well I’ve got to support my people on WordPress. I don’t do Calligraphy, but these handwriting links are so cool! The best thing about these blogs is that it’s nice to know I’m not alone in my obsession.

Happy writing!



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