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I’ve been thinking about my diet recently, and I feel like I need to make some changes. I keep wondering if I’m getting enough nutrients. So I think thatcaribbean-fruit I have to put some concrete plans in place.

My first plan will be to introduce more vegetables into my diet. When I last vacationed by my parents; they live in the US, I lost weight really easily. OK,  not easily, but it really wasn’t that hard. I ate less, and I ate more fruit.

My typical day went like this.

  • Start the morning with fresh juice: a fruit and veggie combo,  Daddy would make using his trusty juicer.
  • Have breakfast, possibly a sandwich, with tea and a fruit salad.
  • Lunch would be at 3pm. We’d start with a fresh salad, and then move on to the meal which will consist of a veggie side dish, meat, carbs and legumes.
  • Dinner would be sandwich, and tea.
  • Of course I’m snacking on fruits, nuts, and sneaking ice cream, cherry jam cookies, and the occassional chocolate in between.

And yes I lost weight, about 10 pounds over a three week period (give or take 2 pounds).

I plan to reproduce those results, with amendments to the diet. I don’t have a juicer,  so I can’t do the fresh juice thing every morning. And time makes it difficult for me to go to the market every weekend to stock up on fruits. But I think I need to make an effort.

My plan is actually to do a modified version of what I was doing by my parents, which was eat some fruit or salad, before my meals. I also want to put some thought into the vegetables I eat.

I remember reading about incorporating veggies of every colour into your diet. Eating the rainbow if you will. The reasoning is that the various colours are a clue of the type of healthy compounds found in the vegetable. By eating across the spectrum you ensure that your diet is well balenced.

I was also looking for a diet that could help me fight dandruff, and keep me hydrated. For the former I realise that eating more fruits and vegetables could be very beneficial. Especially if I eat them raw. Increasing my salad intake should address that.

For the latter, my online research has me looking to increase my intake of vitamins B and A. B I can get through meat, A is found in orange or yellow vegetables, and in liver spinach, eggs and dairy products. Also I need to eat more seafood to  boost my intake of Omega 3 fatty acids. Garlic is supposed to be good too, and I’m glad because I love garlic. Finally I need to eat more Zinc,  which I’ll get in seafood, whole grains and nuts.

In the end I think it may just come down to eating more fruits and vegetables. I also may have to try to eat them as raw as possible, because you get more nutrients that way. I plan to work on a sample menu, and post it up at a later date.




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Thank you for the helpful information. I bookmarked your site, and I hope you keep up the good work on making your blog a success!

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