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Living In a Fast Car

These days once it rains in sweet T&T, it’s flooding. Constant rains create overly saturated grounds, and with it landslips, collapsing homes and highways, mud everywhere and death. Which all amounts to a frustrating reality for residents.

So any car I buying ( if I was in the market for a car) would be a Sport Utility Vehicle. With all my eco-friendly ambitions, reality suggests a sedan just ent go cut it in Trinidad no more. I want a REAL SUV, with manual transmission and 4-wheel drive to boot.

So I was having a “what if” conversation with my disrespectful brother this weekend, and asked what kind of vehicle he’d suggest for me. The first thing he did was veto, my dreams of balancing a clutch. According to him, I (who is licensed to drive a car with manual transmission) am not a “real” driver and should stick to automatic.

Secondly, he said, since I’m not a car person, translation: don’t know or give a shit ’bout them, should buy a vehicle local mechanics are familiar with. In other words, forget about the European cars.

So what does my rude brother recommend?

Well yes, “pull up to my bumper babay.”


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